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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

God Has Spoken Today


Did you hear a bird sing after the rain stopped this afternoon? Did you notice the uplifting lyrics playing on the coffee shop radio as you picked up your morning coffee? Perhaps you overheard a mother’s farewell call to a child running off to play. Or, you yourself said “I love you” as you said goodbye to a friend or family member.

In these ways, God has spoken today. Do not dismiss any loving word, any helpful comment, or any natural sound, such as water splashing or an animal call. God is always speaking. His voice cannot be silenced. Can you hear the drops of rain, the crash of thunder, the splash of waves, the chatter of a squirrel? God has spoken. Did you hear the teacher, the friend, the lover, the colleague, the neighbor, the singer, poet or author? Did any words touch your heart? Was anyone kind to you? Has anyone been polite, courteous, helpful, humorous, or encouraging to you? God has spoken today.

Even in the silence of your own heart, God has spoken today. Listen. Believe. Trust. Did he say “forgive,” or “be brave,” or “I’ll show the way,” or “rest in me”? Perhaps you heard, not words, but a feeling, a sense or knowingness. You got a message. God has spoken today.

His voice is not difficult to identify. It is the one that uplifts, that speaks kindly, lovingly and wisely. He speaks everywhere, all the time, and in any way possible. His message warms the heart, quickens the pulse, raises the thoughts to a higher level. If you are not noticing his words in the outside world, attend to them on the inside. There you will surely find them, if you are willing to listen with an open heart and a peaceful mind. Into every open heart and peaceful mind, he enters. It cannot be otherwise, for those are his dwelling places. Your heart is his, and his heart is yours. Listen – God is speaking today.