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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Is God Causing Me Suffering for a Purpose?

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Stephen: “I feel that the innocence of being a child was stripped from me layer upon layer as I was growing up. As a result, I have some sins of which I’m ashamed. I wonder sometimes if these contribute to not receiving blessings from the Lord. Opportunities emerge, but ones that I really wanted have been closed in my face before they even began. Is this my fault, or is God ordaining me through suffering?”

The Voice for Love: “My dear one, firstly let us join together to extend love to your life, exactly as it is. Let us extend love and blessing and worth to everything in your experience, yes, even now. Every life is filled with richness and treasure that can only reveal itself when acknowledged in this way.

“You may resist this idea; it may seem like a trick or a joke. For you have suffered much in your life and can only see it as a dark and frustrating place. And yet it is your own personal ashram, your place of learning and growth and power, if you but embrace it. Own your life, my dear one. Take it into your arms and embrace it. Extend love and compassion and understanding to it. Forgive it and bless it and open your heart to it now. We can do this together; I will help you.

“There is no need to ordain you through suffering. You are ordained already because you are the Son of God, His beloved child, His creation. You came into this lifetime seeking much learning and many challenges. You have taken on suffering the way an ambitious college student takes on a double load of courses at once. As you open your eyes to this way of seeing your life and your Self, you will realize there is so much gain for you in all of these trials. You sought to understand the human condition, My dear one. You sought to see it in all its un-glory and yet open your heart to it. You chose a challenging path, and with great challenges come great gains.

“You have a mighty heart. See it so and know the power that you have. For in any situation, the power to love instead of hate, to forgive instead of condemn, to bless instead of curse, is always yours. Think of this: that despite the actions and choices of those around you, you have the power to choose your experience. No one has this power over you. Always you are choosing how you will see what you see. Can you look on those around you as simply living from frustration and fear? That their actions are their strivings to somehow feel better while believing in lack and limitation? Of course they lash out. Of course they are hurtful – because they hurt. Only one in pain would hurt another.

“You have much to share with the world, much to give and much ahead on your path. Do not become stuck here; do not think this is all there is for you. Know that I am with you always, in every moment, always loving you, always guiding you. Your challenge now is to focus on your own path and commit to it fully. All of the circumstances which you now feel so trapped in and swamped by are not permanent.

“For now, take the very big step of blessing your life, for this will be the beginning of peace and change for you. Take the time each day to simply sit quietly and let all of your sufferings and disappointments and pain come to the surface of your awareness, and then extend blessing to each one. Make this your mantra every day, in all things: ‘Today I bless my life,’ for what you have blessed cannot hurt you. This is the transformative power that you have. This is why you are exhorted to give thanks in everything, for all things long to bless YOU.

“Know I am with you. Know you are loved. Know there is much, much more for you if you but see your life as the gift that it is waiting to be.”