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FREE BOOK – LET’S PLAY GRATITUDE With Life’s Sticky Issues

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FREE BOOK - LET'S PLAY GRATITUDE With Life's Sticky IssuesDear Friends,

I have a great opportunity to share with you. Many years ago, a lady by the name of Bejoy hosted a workshop for Candace and I in Florida on how to how to hear God’s voice. We’ve kept in touch with BeJoy since then. Now, she is the Managing Director of Lighthouse Connections and just e-mailed me to let me know that they are giving away 500 copies of their latest book entitled, LET’S PLAY GRATITUDE With Life’s Sticky Issues, so I wanted to tell you about it ASAP before they’re all given away.

There are absolutely no strings attached. This book is absolutely free. You don’t even have to pay for shipping. They are simply giving these books away for free! They’ve already given away hundreds of two copies, so click the link below now to get your copy before they’re all gone.

Things to you all,