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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Trust is the Foundation for Happiness

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How can I be happy in the world? This is the usually, unspoken, question behind most of the spiritual seeking in my life. Happiness was always the carrot that dangled in front of myopic eyes. It changed in size, shape, and color as it lured me forward. I reached for it, but it changed its shape and location, and I never quite got a grasp on it, mentally or physically. Perhaps another book, another thought, another guru, or another class will help me grab onto it? Perhaps another “Jesus” figure will appear, not in the pages of history, but in my personal life? Then I could be happy, if he were my own!

Such was my quest, for so long, though I never really stopped to reflect upon its nature until now. I thought I was looking for love, but like that proverbial carrot, I really didn’t have an understanding of what love is. Like most, my ideas of love involved physical involvement of various sorts that are common in the world of great expectations. I could love that which I could possess, or give away freely.

Then along came “Positive thinking.” Perhaps the true secret was that I could manifest my own destiny! Okay, how do I do that? All the thinking and attempts at attitude changing never seemed to work, and indeed they were work! It was a fight against what my inner sense told me was reality: the world is an incomplete and harsh place, ruled by the need to share scarce resources: “you have, I don’t,” “I have you don’t”—the reality of the physical. Only ideas can be shared without being lost. But then entered “intellectual property rights”, and who should get the physical stuff in return for sharing the idea. Scarcity again, where some get abundance and others lose it, in a physical sense—a world of harsh reality. So where is happiness?

I then came upon The Voice for Love, and their 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice. Step One and Step Two,  like scales for a musician or gym exercises for an athlete, are like tricks. They get me beyond the evaluations of my thoughts. They begin to build the muscles of my experience, so that the music of happiness can appear in my own mind, in spite of my often limited, worldly perception, of WHAT IS.

I got to thinking: Does a composer force a symphony into their mind? Does a great artist plan a painting, step by step, without knowing instinctively what they want to portray? Sometimes, perhaps, but the result can appear very forced. Method is important and helpful to our minds, as our senses and brains perceive everything through the dark cloud of limits and contrast taught by memory. But Inspiration is the key to greatness, just as it is the key to happiness. To “let go” is to allow Method to have its place, but to be guided byInspiration. One doesn’t orchestrate Inspiration. One feels it, senses it, and allows it to come in the quiet of the night or in the heights of emotion, when one allows the Spirit within to solve the presenting challenge or express the heart.

Typically, the music is just there in the mind before it is translated into a score, and the image is there in the mind, before it is put into form. The great athlete has an image of the experience they wish to accomplish, even before and while they train to do so. That’s Inspiration. It comes from a different source than Method, though Method, too, can be inspired when it is conceived.

Where does it come from? Are there aliens putting thoughts into our mind? Could Spirit and our “higher power” be aliens, separate from us or channeling through us? Of course, being a science fiction buff, I’ve had such thoughts. Yet, I know they are fiction. The 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice have taught me that the “power” of experience comes from my essence, as an extension of God’s Love, as God’s “child.” So the issue becomes, how do I access it? One effective answer continues to be the practice of the 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice.

For me, the affects of practicing the 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice was most reinforced by sharing God’s Voice in spiritual counseling. When I joined with another, at that inspirational “higher” level for the purpose of sharing that Voice we all share eternally, something clicked and I knew I would never be the same again. Vision entered. I recognized Inspiration. I ALLOWED Inspiration. The practice of the 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice eased me into it, but letting go and allowing it brought the magnified experience that taught me Trust. I now know that Trust is the foundation for happiness.

The world has not changed in its limited essence. I do not manifest more physical possessions or desired events and circumstances. But my expectations for what happens around me are no longer a carrot, which I know will never be caught when I reach out with the short tongue of my ego’s tools. Rather, it is my Trust in the ever present experience of God’s Love and closeness within, which inspires me. It allows me to look upon my worldly experience with equanimity. It teaches me that there is always a way through any challenge. It inspires me with a feeling of safety, even in the face of potential tragedy. It allows me to trust the creative process. It allows me to experience the shortcomings of myself and others and be able to smile and accept, once I get over an initial judgment. Most of all, this Trust makes me happy. It is a very deep, peaceful happiness that brings further inspiration with it. Who would have ever guessed?