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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Following Your Heart to God


Today there are so many different authors, speakers, and teachers – each with their own methods, means and tools for increasing our spiritual connection. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine which method, which program, or which book or article is best for our growth at the moment. Since confusion is the opposite of clarity, I thought it would be beneficial to provide an answer from Holy Spirit that addresses any concerns that may arise about all the choices available. Here is the message I received from Spirit about this topic:

Dearest Ones,

It matters not what path you use to walk to Me. It matters not what tools you use to connect your holy mind to Mine. Please do not feel “less than” if you choose differently than your companions. Each of you beloved ones is walking your own path. Each of you has unique qualities of mind, heart and soul that dictate your unique method of connection, of coming into wholeness.

As you look around you, you will find many paths, many methods, many tools. You may choose one, many or none. It is completely up to you. However, you may find that as you choose, your heart may speak to you. It may gently hold up what you term “a red flag”. This little heart-message is meant only to remind you that your inner Voice is active and can be felt by you.

You may have what you call “second thoughts”. In this case, it is your holy mind that is getting your attention. Once again, to remind you that your own inner Guide is speaking and you can discern the Voice.

Having second thoughts or noticing red flags (caution messages) should not be interpreted as a negative occurrence. On the contrary, it is most wonderful that you have noticed; that you have succeeded in detecting the Voice of your guidance. You may then follow the inner nudgings, or ignore them. It is always your choice.

As you explore a certain path, or use certain tools to obtain your goal of God-connection, you may notice feelings of frustration, confusion, or off-centeredness. Once again, this should not be interpreted negatively. Rather, you may decide to try a different path, or a different tool. If you give up a practice out of frustration, ask yourself whether you are relinquishing it due to laziness on your part, or whether you honestly do not feel it is benefitting you.

Your own holy mind and heart are fully capable of leading you to tools, practices and methods that will move you steadily and surely on your unique path of God-realization. Therefore – explore, enjoy, and open yourself to experience. There are no mistakes. All paths lead to Me in the end.