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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Finding Peace in a Troubled Relationship

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Fran: “I was married before and my husband left. After 5 years, God brought a very good man into my life who was also divorced. We fell madly in love, and though we live a long distance apart, we fly back and forth to be with one another. Everything was fine between us and we were planning to marry and I was to move to where he is. But last week we got into an argument on the phone and I haven’t heard from him since. What do I do? I have tried calling and reaching out to him. I love him very much and it hurts me that he is not responding at all.”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, thank you so much for taking the time to pose your question. You are in a place of pain and dismay right now. You cannot understand what is happening and you feel this as an abandoning. Thank you for waiting so patiently for this response. Time, which can seem cruel at times, can also be a great gift. The time you have spent waiting and wondering is giving you an important space in which to truly look at your relationship.

“I know you long for love, Dear One. Pause now and remember that you need look no further than your own heart. In this time of uncertainty, give yourself the opportunity to take time each day to sit quietly and listen to your heart. It is very refreshing first thing in the morning to pause and be still. That still, small voice longs to take you into its bosom and comfort you. Time in this healing quiet will allow you to see your own desires.

“Consider your true desires now. Not just in relationship to this man but in relationship to your own self. Is this what your heart is telling you to do? Your heart will not lie to you. Nor will it railroad you. You may trust your own real desires. You need not give these up for another. You need never postpone joy until everything is perfectly in place: the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect relationship. Bring joy into your life by honoring your own desires and heart.

“Give yourself the gift of listening to your heart each morning and even each evening if this feels nourishing to you at this time. Sit in a quiet place and close your eyes. Breathe deeply and notice your thoughts. Thoughts of concern, thoughts of delay, thoughts of dinner or work. Notice thoughts of dismay, anger, hurt or worry. Let them all come as little children to your knee for a simple blessing. In acknowledging each one, without judgment, will your mind ease into a place of resting. In this place you can hear that still, small voice of Love. Keep listening as it tells you exactly what it wants and needs.

“Dear One, you know you are beloved and cared for at all times, don’t you? You need not fear your security or safety.

“Amen and Selah”