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Feminism versus Masculinity

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Last Monday, a study group to which I belong, was debating which spiritual book to study next. One that was up for consideration involved promoting feminism in the world, in answer to a world gone wrong, which generally ignores the benefits of the feminine side of everyone. My reaction to such a dichotomy was negative, but it caused me to pause to consider the nature of our “reality” in the world. As a woman, I have spent a life time of chaffing under the predominance of male influence, which has controlled and somewhat abused my personal world and those of most women I know. So the dichotomy between feminism and masculinity is not a trivial emotional matter. Most of the men and women in my study group voiced belief in the imbalance between these “forces” in the world, so we all have had similar observations.

Words are powerful vehicles in the world. They define concepts by putting fluctuating boundaries around ideas, and then sorting other words and concepts into those which are covered by the word category and those which are not. For instance, the concepts of gentleness, compassion, and nurturing are usually grouped under the category of “feminine,” while aggressiveness, me-first-ism, perfectionism, “logic”, etc., are put into the category of “masculine.” Perhaps these categories and their attributes come from the belief that testosterone is a hormone that compels a driving force, and estrogen drives nurturing, which is often passive, and usually less muscular.

My dichotomy for these concepts is a bit different. To me, there are two types of power in the world. One comes from the manifestation of love’s presence. The other comes from ignoring love’s presence. All the attributes given to “feminism” are really just attributes of love. What about those concepts attributed to “masculinity”? Can they also be expressions of love?

The answer to that question touches a very deep core reality, which revolves around the question, “Who are we?”  These days, my discussions with my higher self about such things evolve more from the deliberate attempt to feel who I am, at my core, and proceed from there. I took time to do that in my morning conversation with Spirit, while walking my dog.

It is such a blessing to take some time out of every day, to quietly contemplate the experience of really feeling the love that is my source, as the “image and likeness” of God, God’s Child. That feeling place puts me square into my roots, where the universal substance of Love and Intelligence forever abide. Like mushrooms in a field, we are all connected at our core, within that intelligent Love source. We pop our heads up into a strange world that does not normally perceive its source. Yet, we can be aware of that common source. The more we are intuitively aware of it, without having to name it, the more we are able to express our self within the world, as a force for love. If all humans were neutered at birth, growing without estrogen or testosterone, we could still express our true self as a force for love within the world, because Love is what we are, as extensions of the Eternal.

Similarly, we can put aside the experience of the awareness of Love’s presence, and act out a role within the world, a role that involves logic, perfectionism, physical and/or driving force, and so on. But we can also act out in a similar manner while aware of Love’s presence, and without fear that we will become that which we are not, in reality.

When acting in the world, it is not what we do that can be used as the measuring stick of who we are. Rather, it is with what we do what we do. Do we exhibit feminine behaviors with a deep seated trust in our true loving nature or out of forgetfulness and fear that these actions are necessary for the salvation of humanity? Do we exhibit masculine behaviors of forcefulness out of fear and forgetfulness, or to help ourselves and others to remember their true reality?

Okay, let’s be honest. Most of us do what we do to avoid some fearful consequence if we don’t do it. And consequences come no matter what we do anyhow. We have programmed ourselves to expect dire consequences much of the time, be they financial, romantic, harmful to our health, political, religious, and so on. Even optimists can’t be optimists unless they see contrast to that approach within the world. So we squirm around, trying to do our best, and seldom feel complete success or happiness in the result. You know what they say about hindsight, and hindsight can be an exhaust that propels us into oblivion.

It seems to me that such beliefs and actions, rooted in some level of fear, are inherent in both feminism and masculinity. It also seems to me that both feminism and masculinity can be categories that embrace the awareness of our loving core reality.

My husband is fond of the saying “If a man speaks in the wilderness and no one else is around, is he still wrong?” My answer: “It depends.” Same goes for a woman in the wilderness, though no sensible woman would put herself in such a predicament!

What really makes a difference in the experience of our world, for each of us, male and female, is whether or not we allow our self to become aware of our truth, that we are loving beings and want more than anything to creatively extend that love, just as our source would and has extended it. When we succeed at this, our soul is fed the best meal in the world. When we don’t succeed, there’s always another restaurant. We haven’t changed. We are who we are.

To conclude, I’d say let’s change the dialog from “feminism” versus “masculinity” to “the awareness of love’s presence” versus “the choice to be unaware of love’s presence.”