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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Feeling Separate from God’s Love

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Dan: “I would like to know how to receive favor from God in restoration of my finances and my health. I made some bad choices after the passing of my Mom, and many aspects of my life have been affected. I feel so far away from God. He has blessed me and kept me in the past, but it seems lately that we are so far away from each other.”

The Voice for Love: “My dear one, firstly, please know that what you term ‘bad choices’ do not separate you from God. The sense of separation you feel is from yourself, for you are judging yourself and holding yourself in low esteem. God never sees you this way. God does not judge you. God sees you as the beautiful being you are, His precious and treasured child, at all times.

“You do not have to return to God’s favor for you have never left it. It is only in your own perception that you are far away from God. God dwells within you, my dear one. You cannot be separate from your own heart. This feeling of distance is the product of your self-judgment.

“Please see yourself differently. God does not hold you apart from Himself based on your performance in the world. God’s love for you does not change. It is an ever flowing fountain pouring out upon you at all times, in all circumstances. When you do not feel God’s love for you, it is because you are not feeling love for yourself.

“You do not need to earn God’s favor. Changes in circumstances are learning opportunities. You have made decisions that did not turn out well for you and of which you are not proud but ashamed. God always allows you your freedom, just as a loving parent allows their child to choose and then learn from its choices. What have you learned? Take the time to set aside your guilt and shame and simply notice all that has occurred. Notice without adding judgment, as simply as if you were reading of these things in the pages of a book. Think of your life as a story, and you are both author and main character. What happens next is up to you.

“Know that God loves you, that He holds you close in His own heart at all times. He watches with wonder and joy as you live your life; He sees you learning and growing and writing your story – He can’t wait to turn the next page with you!

“Let not your heart be troubled, dear one. Rest in the knowing that God is always as close to you as you allow your awareness of Love’s presence to be.”