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Feeling Perfect When We Join with God

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There is a new book out by John Meacham entitled, “Divine Revelation: a call from Christ to join the armies of Heaven.” in the book, Jon shares his experience of joining with Jesus within him, “My body felt light as a feather, similar to the morning that I heard God speak from a fiery cloud. My mind was clear of my past and free of the burdens of my life. For the first and only time in my life, I felt with Jesus indwelling me that I was without sin, and my spirit felt fully alive and in total harmony with God. I felt perfect.”

What I love about this description is that it’s perfectly true. What I mean to say is, it’s true for everyone. This is the experience that we all have when we connect with the presence of Christ within us. What is Christ? Christ is the consciousness with which Jesus experienced his later years on earth. It’s the consciousness of the Holy Spirit within all of us. This is why we teach people how to hear God’s voice within. The Holy Spirit embodies the consciousness of God. When we join with this voice within us, we embody that consciousness within our own heart and mind. We embody the consciousness of Christ.

When we join without divine consciousness within us, we will feel and experience the world the way that God experiences us. We will see ourselves in perfect harmony with God, without sin, and we will feel fully whole and alive and connected with all that is. God’s experience becomes our own.

It doesn’t matter whether we are connecting with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God, our divine self, etc. all aspects of God are connected with this divine consciousness. So we can connect with the divine consciousness in any form or manner. When we do, we will experience that consciousness as our own.

We created The Voice for Love organization and began our free intuitive counseling hotline to share this divine consciousness with others. We want everyone to have the same experience that John Meacham describes in his new book. We want everyone to experience what it’s like to join with God. Not just one time, but every day.

I’m grateful for every single time I read of someone’s experience connecting with the divine in this way, the Divine within. As a global consciousness, we are all awakening to our connection in union with God. Nothing brings me more joy than that!