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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Feeling Empty of the Joy of Jesus

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Philip: “It seems I am so bummed out all the time, like there is nothing to look forward to and I’m just going through the motions each and every day. I want to get the joy of Jesus Christ in my heart and soul. What would you recommend?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, you are the precious child of God, who desires that all of His children be happy and experience the joy that truly already exists within each one of them. For you see, you were implanted with joy when you were born. It is not outside of you but within. It is not an outward seeking journey to experience your joy but an inward seeking one. How can you experience the joy that lies within you, yet is covered over with worries, fears, doubt and discouragement?

It is an excavation that is called for, a consciousness of your thoughts each day, each moment. You may believe that how you feel is the effect of some cause outside of you. But always, dear one, what is outside of you is effect, and your own thoughts are cause. Sit with pen and paper and list the thoughts you most commonly think of in a day, beginning with the one you have expressed here, that you are ‘so bummed out all the time.’ Notice that you began this thought with the words ‘I am.’ But in fact, precious one, this is not so. ‘I am’ can only be followed in truth by words such as: whole, joyous, loving, blessed, and precious to God.

“Yes, you have had a thought of being bummed out. This is not uncommon in a world filled with distress and pain. And yet you can choose what you will embrace. Take the feeling or thought of being bummed out and see it as separate from you, just a thought that has shown up on your doorstep. It is not you. You do not have to believe it. You do not have to be it.

“For every thought you wrote down in your list that begins with ‘I am’ (sad, discouraged, bummed out, afraid), now rewrite it this way: ‘I feel’ (sad, discouraged, bummed out, afraid). Then, as a third step, rewrite each ‘I feel’ statement like this: ‘Here is a thought of’ (sadness, discouragement, being bummed out, fear).”  In this way, a space will begin to open between you and these thoughts, and you can begin to realize that the thoughts, of themselves, are not you.

Realizing that thoughts are not you is like turning a great wheel in the opposite direction from which it has long turned, and requires focus and willingness. If you are ready for this journey, know that you will be helped and supported by your Holy Spirit in every way, for your Holy Spirit has been given to you for this purpose. So that you may see differently and indeed reach the joy and express the joy that lies within your heart like an unopened gift. The world needs your joy. This is your gift that, once opened and experienced by you, can be given of you.

“Recognize your discouraged and disheartened thoughts as just thoughts, like clouds in the sky that temporarily obscure the sun. Do not build a case for them, tempting as it may be to do so. Instead, let them drift by, for they are not your truth. Beyond these drifting clouds, God’s Light is always shining. And you are the embodiment of that Light, as a sunbeam to the sun.

“Thank you for your desire to seek and know your true nature, dear one. You are on a path to let your light shine in the world, and in this you are greatly blessed.”