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Faith, Fear and Finances

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Recently, in my work as a spiritual counselor, Rob wrote to me because he was worried about finances and how to move forward in life. He was feeling somewhat stuck, and I presented Rob’s concerns to Spirit for guidance. Here is what I received:

“Dear One, thank you for presenting your dear heart and your situation into the light of love for information. Shining light on anything helps to reveal its true features, much as you would shine the light of truth on an idea, or shine a flashlight into a dark corner. As you write, you have so many concerns that are occupying your mind. You are concerned with the idea of bringing in enough money to keep your life going. As well, you want to expand your outlook and your horizons. All well and good, all well and good.

“As with all situations, there is always a solution. This solution, if you so choose, will be the very best outcome for you. It is wise to turn completely all earthly concerns over to Spirit for resolution. To do so indicates that you are completely trusting, completely at ease and completely certain of a positive outcome – and not just positive, but the best outcome for all concerned. It cannot be otherwise if you turn all over to Spirit, which alone guarantees that all knowledge, love and wisdom enter into the resolution of your situation.

“How do you surrender in this way, you ask? In each moment, of course; but in the world of time there is what is called a learning curve. This means that you begin by intending that the best solution is reached. You affirm that this is so, and already taken care of. You are simply patiently waiting for all to be revealed. You present your concerns, if any, to Spirit for resolution, insight or inspiration. Then you rest in gratitude and certainty, trusting that all is well and that you will receive information as it is needed, and that you will follow your hunches, and trust your inner knowing.

“In this way, you will be certain to receive the messages that Spirit will surely send, in all ways that you can notice. You must be willing to receive an outcome that you did not expect; you must be willing to trust; you must be willing to act upon your knowingness. Practice each day your intentions, affirmations, presentation of concerns or questions, and your gratitude and certainty. You cannot fail; you cannot make a mistake; you cannot be outside of God’s care – ever.

“All is well. Find joy in each of your days and open your heart, your mind, and your eyes and ears – spiritual insight is coming!

“Rest in God, always.”