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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Extending Love – A Tool for Awakening


As a member of the Voice for Love program, I’ve practiced the 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice for almost three years now. But only yesterday did a fuller impact hit me.

All my life I’ve wanted to help make the world a better place, and for a long time I saw the 5 Steps as a means to that end. But the 5 Steps are not about making the world a better place. That is an egoic framework, presupposing the validity of judgment. Surely the Holy Spirit, through us, generates an effective means to transcend the world, to be in it but not of it. And that is done at the level of judgment, since it must catch us where we think we are. As such, the 5 Steps are a tool, not a goal.

At the level of this world, certain thoughts are either effective or not effective at accomplishing the purpose of an awareness of a rewarding environment. We label these thoughts and their results as either good or bad. The ego always judges a thought, but the Holy Spirit looks only with love on all things. Therefore, to transcend the level of the ego’s world, the first of the 5 Steps – Extend love to your thoughts – requires the suspension of all judgment of a thought.

Here is an example. The other night, my husband Fred and I prepared dinner and then sat down with the TV on while we ate. Watching TV at dinnertime is in itself something that I judge to be “bad.” But Monday night is Fred’s favorite time to watch wrestling. I have hated the testosterone-driven, ego mania of wrestling above all other entertainment. So it is always a trial to put up with it.

After my initial negative reaction to watching wrestling right in front of my face at the dinner table, I remembered that thoughts just are. I remembered how the Holy Spirit looks upon our thoughts without judging them, and that our practice is not about rejecting “negative” thoughts in favor of “positive” thoughts, but about extending love to all thoughts. So I kindly extended the Holy Spirit’s love to my thoughts of judgment of wrestling and my husband’s absorption with it.

To me, wrestling on TV is meant to elicit pure egoic reactions. But to my heart, extending the Holy Spirit’s nonjudgmental acceptance of all our thoughts, in any form, lifted a burden. For the first time, I did not experience watching wrestling from the egoic standpoint of rejection. Rather I just looked upon it, period. I extended love to my relationship to it. My resentment lowered, and I recognized an important lesson in my own awareness.

The 5 Steps are a tool to lift our awareness back to our reality, outside of the world as we think we know it. Only when we develop the habit of suspending judgment and accepting things in the world as just “what is” and then extending love as the Holy Spirit does, can we begin to feel our way through our experiences, with the peace that comes from a new awareness level.