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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Excuses We Find to Reject Love

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JoAnn: “I have been separated for 14 years and am now 54. I have many financial problems and a difficult 21-year-old son. I met a lovely man a few years ago, but he lives quite a distance from me. Do you see the possibility of our friendship turning into a love relationship and marriage?”

The Voice for Love: “My dear, why shouldn’t you be with this lovely man? Does he have feelings of love for you? And do you have feelings for him? Why wouldn’t you be together? There is nothing that could keep you apart.

“All is well. You state that you have financial problems, but I would invite you to begin to express overflowing gratitude for all the circumstances of your life. Begin to find things to be thankful for, and name them every day. As you begin to express your deep gratitude for your life, your health, your son, your friends, home, food and so on, you will notice that your attitude will become brighter.

“Begin to allow your heart to know and your mind to accept and understand that everything that is needed is richly provided. Begin to give thanks in advance for the complete fulfillment of every need. Simply say, Dear God, I thank you that I am richly provided for and that all my needs are met in Your most wonderful way. Begin to think like this and to talk like this, rather than telling yourself that things are difficult. It is as easy to think positively as it is to think negatively. Simply begin, and then continue. You will notice that miraculous things can occur when your mind and heart are open in this way.

“You say that your son is difficult, but that again is something that you can begin to think differently about. You must understand that your son is doing the best he can in the moment, as truly everyone is, according to their understanding of their own life. He feels he must protect himself emotionally in certain ways and at his age he is experiencing tremendous pressures that he is trying to deal with in his own way. Allow your heart to open to him. You can speak to him on the inner planes, in the invisible, and send him your love and understanding. He will feel this, although no words are spoken, and it will comfort his spirit. Use patience and tolerance with firmness.

“Continue to find more and more to be grateful for. Every day express your love and gratitude to God. Spirit knows your heart. Allow your heart to open so that everyone you meet receives a blessing from you.

“Bless you! Be patient and faithful and persist in gratitude. All is well.”