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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Empty Nest – Finding Your New Life Purpose


John: “I am a divorced male who has raised three children. As the last one goes off to college, I find myself very lonely as a single empty-nester. I find that I have nothing that I derive joy from in my life now and feel that I have nothing to wake up for in the morning. I am guilty of putting my children first in front of potential relationships in the past and now I find myself regretting it. How can I find a new purpose in life now that my children have gone off to college?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest Precious One, how beautiful you are and how beautiful is your question. You are so treasured and so loved. Please know this. Thank you for your dedication and accomplishment in raising your three children and do not undervalue what you have done. Your children are so blessed to have you as their father and indeed they sought you out as souls and came to you expressly to be fathered by you. So do not miss the significance and value of your great gift of loving and parenting them.

“And now the page of your life is turning. One chapter has ended and another begins. We would invite you to see your ’empty nest’ as a place of spaciousness and opportunity. Stretch out in your empty nest as you would in a place of luxurious comfort and ease. Take your time, do not rush. This emptiness is not an emptiness in YOU, rather it is the openness and space given you now to fill with all that you are.

“There is great treasure within you, my dear one. As you step back from the role and definition of father, you are returning your focus to yourself after many years. And yet, those years of being focused on the care of your dear children are not lost years. Though you were not aware of it, you were increasing the treasure within, you were adding to its stores. Have no regrets about your choices, for they have enriched you. Now as you get to know yourself once again, you will find even more to appreciate.

“It is time to recreate your life, to get to know you once again. Yes, it is an overwhelming idea, a feeling of blankness, or even lostness at times. Do not be overwhelmed, my dear one, for you already have the skills you need. It is the same skill set you have used as a father, the same focus, attentiveness, perceptiveness, devotion and care. Now apply these skills to yourself. Whereas your first thoughts have for so long been toward what your children would need each day – their schedules, activities, tasks – now your first thoughts must be toward you.

“See your empty nest as a place of spaciousness. On awaking in the morning, see yourself stretching out in that space fully. Quietly go within and bless this space you have created for yourself. It is a great gift you have given to you; appreciate and relax into it. Sink into its comfort and ease. Now, in this wide open space, you can call yourself forth.

“As you stretch and luxuriate in this space, ask yourself: What do I need today? How do I feel? What would I like to do, explore, try? Then allow the answers to arise without judgment or censoring. Simply allow them to come to you. Very simple things, to very surprising things, may occur to you. Be open to all possibilities and honor them. Listen to yourself now, the way you have listened to your children. Tune into you in that same way and follow what you hear. This will be a process and you must trust each step along the way. You must give to yourself now no less than you have given your children.

“Have no regrets about the path your life has taken. It is not that you mistakenly or wrongly put others before yourself. All is in perfect order. Now is the specified time for your unfoldment. Your years of focusing on your children have prepared you and enriched you for this time. You are exactly where you need to be.

“Your task is to grow acquainted with you now, to love and honor you, to be to yourself who you have been to others. You are the greatest gift you can give yourself, and as you do so, you will become a gift to others as new relationships come into your awareness. Generate all the love you can, my dear one, and love must come to you because love is an irresistible force.

“You are in such a beautiful place now and we would encourage you to sink into it with gratitude and openness. Be at peace, Precious One, and know that you are never lost. You are greatly loved and divinely cared for in every moment.”