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Donate To Your Favorite Charity For Free

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A friend recently told us about Good Search. Good Search is in neat service that allows people to search the Internet using their favorite search engines, but here’s where it gets cool. For every search you do through Good Search, Good Search gives a donation to your favorite charity. Basically, advertisers for Good Search will pay several cents to the charity of your choice every time you search the Internet using Good Search. You don’t have to do anything different as someone searching the Internet. You just type in your words and search is normal and do whatever you want. But every time you do, the charity of your choice gets a few cents.

As a result, we have registered “The Voice for Love,” a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, with Good Search! So click one of the links on this blog entry to go to the Good Search website. Right at the very top of the website, where it says “Who do you GoodSearch for?” just enter The Voice for Love and click Verify, and every time you search the Internet using Good Search, you will be donating a few cents to The Voice for Love. Isn’t that cool! We certainly think so, and we thank you in advance for clicking one of the links above and giving it a try.

Lots of love and blessings to you!