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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Does God Exist?

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Melinda: “For months now I have not been able to stop thinking about my own death. I am extremely stressed and fearful. I just don’t have that much faith and belief that God truly exists. My question is, how can I take my fear away?”

The Voice for Love: “Dear One, when doubts about the existence of God appear, what is usually meant is that one cannot conceive of the common concept of God as an entity with all power over all others. That concept is stated in different ways by different religions over most of mankind’s history. What follows that concept is a wide assortment of actions meant to appease and solicit favors from this powerful entity, both for physical life and the afterlife.

“We do not ask you to believe in such a concept or act upon it. There is a difference between belief and knowing. Knowing comes from experience. What we ask is that you allow yourself to have an experience of knowing and recognize a broader reality of God-ness.

“To do this, first recognize that love and goodness exist within you, but are deeply buried from your awareness when you are focusing on your thoughts and believing your thoughts. Thoughts are neither good nor bad. They are just thoughts, no matter how fearful or obnoxious they might seem to be. They only have the meaning that you give to them. If you practice sensing and feeling your own inner goodness and love, and do so on a daily basis, you will come to know a Self that can stand apart from your thoughts. As you allow that love and goodness within to be the observer of your thoughts, your experience of fear will change. This change is helped by simply extending some aspect of love to each and every thought that passes through your mind.

“When your thoughts are of the fear of death and oblivion, find a peaceful place. Allow yourself to feel your own deep goodness and inner love, which came with you into the world, but has been diminished in importance by you as you tried to appease and fit into the exterior world. Feel the wonder you had as a young child. Love has many characteristics, including compassion, discernment, acceptance, wisdom, release, mindfulness, peace, gratitude, and so on. Allow yourself to feel that love without thinking about it. From there, extend an aspect of love to your thoughts of fear.

“There is no need to banish your thoughts. They are your worldly creations. Instead, extend compassion to them. You are the parent of your thoughts, and as a loving parent reaches out with love to quell the fears of a frightened child, so can you quell the fear of your own self-created thoughts. Such a loving state of mind contains the essence of what God is.

“As you practice experiencing love within, much more is revealed to you. An awareness of your true nature continues to unfold, an awareness of what God really is, who you really are, and how all are a part of that larger eternal Love. Thus can you let your true reality be your experience and your guide.”