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Do We Have the Power to Change Others?


I recently watched this video about someone calling a prayer line. It sparked a series of questions within me:

Are we capable of impacting people’s lives and making a big difference? Or do we have no power at all in changing or influencing people?

In my experience, we all have free will. We are 100% responsible for what we choose, what we think, and how we want to behave. Nobody can take that responsibility away from us.

If someone comes into our lives and influences us, they merely showed us a different way to think, choose, or act, but we are the ones who chose to believe or follow their advice. We still have 100% responsibility for the outcome of the interaction. We could choose to disregard their ideas, or we can choose to accept them and try them on for size.

For the most part, the most important factor in influencing someone else, or impacting their lives, depends upon their desire to be impacted. If somebody truly desires in our heart to make a change, and they ask for it, they are going to be very open to being impacted and influenced. If somebody does not want to change, see things differently, or have their life impacted, then they are not asking for change and will likely not receive it.

When we interact with other people, if we are trying to give them something that they don’t want, it does neither of us any good. In this regard, it’s very helpful to ask the person what they want? And then only give them what they truly ask for.

God doesn’t try to give us things that we don’t ask for. Why would He?

When we try to give things to people that they don’t ask for, we are out of integrity with ourselves, because we are not seeing that person as whole and complete as they are. We are seeing them as missing something, lacking, and incomplete. That is not the Truth of who they are. God sees all of us as part of Him, whole and complete and perfect. So why would God offer us something if that is how He saw us? But if we ask for something, that is a different situation. If we ask for something, God will give it to us, knowing that we will receive it with joy since that is what we desire.

Is the same with hearing God’s voice. If somebody wants to hear God’s voice, and they seek it out, they will be open to receiving. If they do not want to hear God’s voice, it would be very difficult to give them the experience that is not what they are seeking.

This is one of the benefits of having a spiritual counseling hotline. By having the hotline available, those people who are open and willing to receive, call us. Because they are calling us, they are much more likely to receive the gifts of communication that we provide. If we try to provide that communication to those who were not asking for, it would fall on deaf ears.

If you see someone who you think is lacking or who you think is incomplete in any way, try to see them through God’s eyes instead. Try to see them as whole and complete just as they are.

If they ask you for something, that is the time to offer them what it is they are seeking. If you keep this in mind, you will have great success in all that you give to those in need, and you will not offer to others what is not in their heart to receive.