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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Divine Guidance from Spirit on the Topic of Worry


I have some great spiritual guidance to share with you today.

On New Year’s Eve, we ran into a woman by the name of Becky Hale who lives here in Ashland, Oregon. Becky leads a couple of spiritual groups here in town. One of her groups worked their way through our 5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30-Day Course as a group. Now when they get together each week, they practice getting guidance and communication from Holy Spirit and share what they receive with one another.

I didn’t know any of this before bumping into Becky that night at the New Year’s Eve labyrinth walk. Becky told us that just a few days before the people in her group had each asked Holy Spirit a question about "worry." She said the answers they receive were inspiring. I asked if they could send the messages to us so we could share them with you. Below are the messages they received. I think you will enjoy them!

(If you’re interested in finding a 5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice support group in your area, you can search for a local support group here.)

Renee’s message from Holy Spirit:
"Worry is fear. You have two choices. To be in fear or to love. When you are in fear you limit your possibilities. When you are in love you can hear my direct communications and I don’t live in a box. Fear controls. It sees only what will make it safe. I know that you are safe. I am safe and my answers serve all beautifully – no one loses. When fear plays then there is always a loser. Your mind becomes gripped in a fear when the beliefs are clustered around fear. If you can just see one of the beliefs and bring it to light the rest will fall and the grip will be broken. You have no idea how powerful love is – You are beginning to see this. Fear should be loved immediately when it appears. Do No Resist It. Love it. Love will shift anything. It may take a moment or two. Trust it. Love is . We are so happy that this group is meeting. We are joyful. It touches our hearts that you want to listen and hear us. Bless you all. You are very loved each and everyone one of you."

Neal’s answer to "Tell me about worry":
"Are you worrying about worry? Now, truly, there is nothing to worry about! Except, if you desire this silly dream to be real. Then—there is only worry. But if you open to Love’s Presence and Healing, all worry, care, nervousness and doubt does wash away. Walk only in the love of a smile, the easy touch of a gentle hand, the joy of peaceful laughter. In "The Course" I have suggested you leave your "cares" to me, and concern yourself with being who you are. You make-up worries when you don’t even have them! That happens because you turn away from the guidance I offer and will always offer. Be at Home in the Love you truly are and worry becomes minimal, and soon not at all. Stop pretending you don’t know ,and walk the way with me and all your brothers and sisters."

Becky’s download about worry:
"Dear one, please be easy on yourself – this shrinking in worry is your choice – to separate from all you see as testy. Yes, testy – challenging – open to your vulnerability, that part of you that really KNOWS that you don’t know what to do. Love that place that you mistakenly call worry … it is in fact your awareness that you don’t know what anything is for … neither what to do nor what to say. Love this place – push it to the forefront, don’t hide it and shrink into a tiny prisoner of lost terror. Enjoy this unknowing. It is freedom – it is your truth, it is your doorway to release, to "Letting go and letting God". Praise God for this place – this is the surrender that raises your IQ to brilliant. You can now be on fire with full on passion – you can be all Love because you don’t have to figure it out, to know or understand anything! There is no homework to do – no waiting to see what he or she will do … there is just the warm extension of Love, with or without words … it never matters. So, if words feel unclear, don’t use them. If words come into focus – use them. Being afraid is second to first feeling that you don’t know what to do. Choose to celebrate this awareness instead of WORRY about it. Just exhale the "ah ha" … the "I don’t know anything and ain’t it grand. I get to be with God!"