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Discipling Others to Recognize God’s Voice

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One of the cool things about Christians is that they love hear to God’s Voice. I love that! Seriously, that might sound really funny, but Christians or “into” hearing God’s Voice.

That’s not to say that they don’t have a lot of rules on it, like you have to hear God in a particular way, and it has to be in alignment with the Bible, if not from the Bible directly. I know that not everybody believes that way, but many Christians do.

I came across an article today from Jan Chase, of Living Faith Fellowship. Jan said, “Sometimes my answers are much slower in coming than I hope they would be, but in time, I do get an answer. We seek God’s guidance, wisdom, affirmation, peace, healing, hope, provision—and the list goes on. What would our lives look like without the words of the Lord in answer to our prayers? What would it feel like to pray knowing the chances of getting an answer were only 1%? How long would it be before we quit praying and succumbed to hopelessness? These are sobering thoughts.”

I love devout Christians who truly live what they preach. Jan is someone who truly desires to God’s Voice and practices it in her life.

I agree with her that, “We can disciple others in how to recognize God’s voice. One by one, we can make a difference in the destiny of America.”

That is my passion as well. Teaching people one by one how to hear God’s voice within. There’s no greater experience in my life the joy of God, feeling God’s presence, and having a long and in-depth dialogue within me about anything in the world.

Recently, someone called our intuitive counseling hotline seeking guidance communication from God. After more than 30 min. of sharing God’s voice, this young woman was feeling the presence of God within her, feeling more happiness and joy that she had a long time. When we join with God and share God’s voice with others, that spark of light and divinity becomes brighter than those we share it with. As my wife says, “It’s like throwing kerosene on a candle.”

The cool thing about hearing God’s voice is that it can be taught. It’s a skill, not a gift. We can all learn step-by-step how to do it. And it’s not very hard. In fact, it’s the most natural thing there is because we are all born with this natural ability. We simply forget as the thinking of the world infiltrates our hearts and minds over time. Luckily, the world’s thinking cannot stop us from hearing this voice within us. All it takes is the desire, a little willingness, and perhaps a little technique, and it’s there … for everyone!