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The Difference Between Jesus and the Holy Spirit


I received an e-mail today and I wanted to respond publicly because it is a question I receive somewhat frequently. The person wrote, “I notice that you have never mention the name Jesus, although very occasionally you have said son of man. May I ask why? Seems to me that you treat all three separately, not together as a Trinity. I am being open minded and wish to learn why you are a bit different. Many thanks and blessings, Judith.”

Now before I respond, I also want to note that another common question I receive is, “Why do you talk about the Holy Spirit so much instead of Jesus? Where is Jesus in all of this?”

I often reply to people very simply by directing them to our “About” page, which shares quite a bit about what we “believe.”

I put the word “believe” in quotes because the words I’m about to share with you truly fall short of directly experiencing this Divine Presence within yourself. The words can only go so far in conveying a framework or understanding that is truly beyond what words can impart. Intellectually understanding this Divine Consciousness within us is often a first step, but my true passion and mission is to help people directly experience this Divine Awareness for themselves, which is why so much of our time and efforts go towards teaching people our techniques for doing that.

So here’s my response to the question…

The Holy Spirit is not a separate being or entity. It is the Divine Consciousness, the Divine Awareness, within all of creation that shares in the awareness of God. (You are free to use whatever words you want to describe this all-encompassing Source that we are all part of, which we call God. Here are some common words that people like to use for God: Spirit, Source, Beingness, I Am Presence, Father, Mother, Creator, All That Is, Love, Universal Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, and the list go on…

This Divine Awareness or Voice within us that we often call “Holy Spirit” shares in the awareness of God and serves as the eternal reminder within ourselves of the Truth of who we are, that we are Love and remain as we were created to be. This Voice for Love within all of creation guides each of us in restoring our awareness to love, peace, understanding, compassion, and oneness.

Jesus was a living demonstration of one who dedicated himself to joining with this divine awareness within him and sharing it with the world. It was through his tremendous dedication to hearing only this Divine Voice in his life and sharing this Voice with others that he transcended the world and fully restored his awareness to God.

It is true that Jesus is a child of God, but so are we all. We are all a child of God, because we are all an extension of God. It is because we are all part of God that we all have the ability to experience what Jesus did in his lifetime. We all have the ability to join with, experience, hear, and share this divine awareness and voice within us. We all have the ability to hear and share the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We do not specifically focus on Jesus in The Voice for Love because because we all have the ability to work directly with the Holy Spirit just as Jesus demonstrated and taught. Jesus was a unique expression of the Holy Spirit in the world, but we are all unique expressions of the Holy Spirit in the world. We all have the ability to connect with and share this divine voice within us through our unique expressions. Our unique expressions are the culmination of our unique personalities, life experiences, educations, backgrounds, beliefs, etc. Everything about us forms our unique expression in the world. We can express the voice for God or the voice for judgment. We can express the Voice for Love (Holy Spirit), or the voice for fear. And we are constantly choosing between these two voices in any given moment. Do we want to express the voice of Holy Spirit? Or the voice of the ego?

As an organization, The Voice for Love is dedicated to helping people go within themselves to connect with, experience, hear, and share this Divine Voice or awareness within them, by whatever name they want to call it. It doesn’t matter what we call that divine part of our Self. What matters is that we seek it out, experience it, and learn to integrate that awareness into our daily lives so we can truly live in the ways that we dream of. For most of us, that means living a life filled with love, peace, understanding, compassion, connection, unity, fulfillment, and joy.

These are the qualities and experiences that joining with and experiencing the Holy Spirit within us can give us. This is the life that we can all have by developing a relationship with this divine teacher and comforter we all have within us.

I hope this answers some of your questions. I know it will spur new questions as well. More than anything, I hope it inspires you to seek this divine connection, awareness, and experience within yourself. We have dedicated the past 10 years of our lives to creating a simple, repeatable, and effective way for people to experience this Divine Presence within them. For more information about how to experience this for yourself, please take a look at these two resources below:

5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30-Day Course

5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice book

Many blessings to you,

DavidPaul Doyle

P.S. Not long ago, I was interviewed by a Christian minister on his weekly radio show. It was a pretty controversial interview, but also incredible, one of my favorites of all time. It’s also the most commented blog post we’ve ever had. Click this link to listen to the interview. You’ll see why so many have people commented on it!