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Developing Our Spiritual Leaders

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I am impressed with how Pastor John Piper has been so consistent over the years in developing his ministry and the leaders and pastors of his church.

One of the things I’m impressed with his his dedication to developing the leadership and skill of his pastors. His upcoming conference entitled, “Building Man for the Body of Christ,” is happening next month. He really works hard to develop his ministers and give them the foundation may need.

I would be curious to know how much time he spends with them teaching them how to hear God’s voice in their ministry and in their lives. I’ve encountered numerous ministers and pastors over the years that were unable to hear God’s voice in their life. They were not confident in doing that and they had no specific method to connect without voice within.

As a child, I was always under the impression that that was one of the roles the minister should have, being able to hear and communicate God’s messages to people.

It’s time that we start teaching everyone how to hear God’s voice, not just our spiritual leaders. That is precisely why we have started teaching people on our free intuitive counseling hotline how to hear this divine voice within.

I hope that John Piper’s ministry is engaged in similar practice in some way with their ministers.