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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Creativity and Connecting with The Divine

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Ageing is a peculiar thing. While the body breaks down in many little and large ways, the mind continues. We do not wish to fixate on issues that have plagued us over a lifetime. I was reminded of that when I woke to a nightmare of abandonment by my family this morning. Village life doesn’t exist much anymore, at least not in the Western world. Time and distance separate families, and the drive to acquire more communication devices tend to take time away from actual quality communication.

I dragged my old bones out of bed, got a cup of coffee, and sat down to extend love to my thoughts of abandonment. Deep meditation escapes me these days, but deep trust has stepped in to hold up my chin. Then, my dog reminded me that it was time to walk her and have a conversation with my inner wisdom.

The air was comfortably warm. The sun had just risen and the sky was a beautiful blue, sprinkled with fluffy white clouds. When I reached the lake, the fish were jumping and the ducks were doing their thing, sitting quietly in the water or swimming in gender segregated groups. We passed some familiar bikers and other old people walking their dogs. As normal, the dogs sniffed noses (really), said hi in their own fashion, and we walked on, along the lake shore. Abandonment issues had been replaced by a very deep appreciation of the beauty all around. I felt so grateful for a lifetime of appreciation of nature, in all its thunder and beauty. I also felt so grateful for all the creative people who afforded us the opportunity to walk around the groomed grounds of a mile circumference lake, with lovely bridges and small waterfalls. The multiple chronic aches and pains had been replaced in my consciousness by a feeling of strong kinship with all of life. So I asked my inner wisdom, what is it about life that still holds me here?

The answer was immediate—Creativity. For me, it has been the ability to create something and the ability to appreciate what others have created, both of which are the strongest glues to life on earth. Those two components are the co-substances of the wheel of creativity on earth. My conversation with inner Spirit went deeper. While many folks complain that their job does not afford them the ability to be creative, the harder side of creativity is to recognize and appreciate the creativity of others, including our company and our bosses. Of course, they have the same issues. The teaching of the world is that there is a scarcity of opportunity to create, and therefore, we must simply be satisfied with appreciation. While we can pretend to be accomplished at appreciation without extension of our own creativity, that inner imbalance creates much inner stress. A lifetime of stress creates physical deterioration and can block creativity.

The desire to create is the absolute need to extend and express love in a form that can be communicated, received and appreciated. We are the extensions of God’s Love, as His Creation. Therefore, we are like Him in our natural desire to extend the love within, in an infinite number of ways. Even the most desperate individuals will go to great lengths to be “different”, which can be an abortive way to extend and be appreciated, e.g., dying ones hair strange colors and pretending to be something we are not. When we define our self by the character we have made, and ignore the Spirit we are, we too pretend. Such is abortive creativity.

Many label themselves as “not creative,” which is just a way of saying that over their lifetime, they have learned to ignore creativity and their own needs to express it.  Quite often, they are taught to limit their appreciation of the valid creativity of others.  It is only when they retire or have that “ah-ha” moment of grace that they might come in contact with others who will allow them to open up to creative expressions, something they should have been taught by their pre-grade school mentors! Some might even get the bright idea that it is okay to appreciate a vast number of different expressions! So, what are some of the ways in which people create and what are some of the opportunities in which we may have failed to appreciate the creations of others?

Try making your own list, but here are a few on mine:

  1. The tidying, cleaning and decorating of homes, soothers can de-clutter their senses as well as their environments.
  2. The creation of nutritious and delicious meals, to feed the soul with appreciation, as well as the body with health.
  3. Parents who are always there for their children, when their children need them, but not in their face at other times.
  4. Mother Nature, in all her forms.
  5. Pets, who seem to love us unconditionally. They are a joint venture between the Source of Life and their trainers.
  6. Writers, photographers, musicians, painters, and artists of all kinds, who capture a moment in time and space, and bare their imagination to us.
  7. Companies who create useful items to free up our time and talents to do more than just survive.
  8. Bosses with good ideas, who seek and need our help to implement them.
  9. Bosses with bad ideas, who need our support to turn lemons into lemonade, or to just learn how to be more creative by through appreciation of the minor as well as major creativity of co-workers.
  10. People who reach out when asked, and help others to find inner peace and/or guide them in a direction so that they will eventually find their own inner creative guide.
  11. All expressions of inner glow, inner love, inner compassion, inner gratitude, etc. into the world.
  12. Smiles. Laughter. Peace.

What’s on your list?