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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Creating a Life of Service

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I’m a huge fan of people who are dedicated to serving others, especially when it comes to serving them spiritually. There are many different ways to serve people, but the form service that’s most in my heart is helping people connect with God. Why? In my opinion, connecting with God gives us everything we truly seek, which is love, peace, joy, understanding, perspective, and the experience that we are whole and connected and loved just as we are.

What else can offer so much for so little? We can physically serve people all day long, but if they don’t get to connect with the Source of all good within them, then how are they going to truly appreciate what we give them? Gratitude, at least long-lasting gratitude, only comes from God. Everything that we truly seek comes from our connection with God, so if I want to give someone everything that’s possible in life, my best option is to give them an experience of connecting with God. That way God can give them exactly what they want and need in every moment.

I recently read an article about a minister in charge of pastoral care for Grove Baptist Church by the name of Shirley Jackson. Her sincerity of love and dedication to serving people in so many different ways was truly inspiring. She shares, “I’m a liaison between the membership and the pastoral staff. We care for the people. We support them. We pray for them. We provide whatever they need. If there’s illness, we make sure someone gets to the hospital. If there’s a death, I handle that. If it’s a member, we make sure we take care of them, that we coordinate the funerals and that kind of thing.” And then she goes on to give specifics. Truly inspiring.

Serving others is part of the reason why we created our intuitive counseling hotline. Not only can we serve people in their moment of need, but we can also give them the resources and opportunities to learn how to hear gods voice for themselves. It’s the idea of teaching a man to fish, instead of just giving the fish to them.

In my opinion, teaching people how to hear God’s voice is the greatest gift I can give them. Not only am I helping them connect with the source of everything they truly want and need in life, I’m teaching them how to do it over and over and over again in their life, consistently. When somebody has that, there is nothing else that they need, ever.

You are reading this article, ask yourself what you truly seeking life. If you are not pursuing a deeper relationship with God each and every day, what is stopping you? If you are not deeply joining with God each day, what is stopping? Take that step right now. Close her eyes, ask God to be with you, and feel God’s presence within me right now. Once you are filled with God’s love, you’ll have no choice but to want to share with others. That is the first step in creating a life of service.