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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How Do I Cope with Getting Older?

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Carolyn: “I seem to be going through a period of depression right now. I guess it’s about getting older and facing your own mortality. My sons are grown and no longer live at home. I really miss them and worry about them. My husband and I just don’t seem to have anything in common and don’t talk very much. How do you cope with loneliness and the fact that you have fewer years left than you have lived? I wish I could know that my children will be okay and have successful lives after I’m gone.”

The Voice for Love: “My dearest one, this may not make sense to you in this moment or on first hearing, but in truth, the greatest gift you can give your loved ones is your own joy. It is most important that you have the most joyous life possible. Imagine how you would feel if all of your loved ones were living their most joyous life – your sons, your husband, your other family members, your friends. Would this not make your own heart glad? Wouldn’t you be free of worry and fear for them? Wouldn’t you celebrate their happiness and wouldn’t their joy add to your own?

“The same is true when you are joyous and happy: it feeds the hearts of those who love you. It nourishes and sustains them and brings them peace, whether consciously or not. This is how the beloved help one another and serve one another, heart to heart. You must find your joy, dear one. That is your task now.

“Yes, you are lonely at this moment. Your nest is emptying out, and your husband is preoccupied and unavailable. That is not the crisis it now seems; eventually you will realize it is your opportunity. For you can now turn inward and listen for your own song. It is a distant music you have not heard in many years for you have long focused on the song of your loved ones. Now tune back in to yourself. Find your music. It is waiting to be played again.

“Do not despair; there is a path through this labyrinth. Please sit quietly with yourself in the mornings and go within. Give to Me your anxieties and grief, your feelings of loss and pain. Pray and ask for My help. Become very still and find your center. Lay all your troubles at My feet and then connect with you. Welcome you. Open the door of your heart to you. Greet Carolyn and tell her she is loved and wanted. She matters; she is adored. Ask her to sit down with you and then question her: What would you most like to do today? What would interest you, intrigue you, bring you pleasure? Do not censor her; let her speak. Listen to her and give her your complete attention. Assure her she cannot do wrong by making known her true self. Let her know she is wanted, valued, loved. Coax her out of her hiding place. Get to know her again.

“Do not be afraid, my darling one. Yes, you have lived more years now than remain to you; that is the human experience. But that is not Who You Are. You are an eternal, divinely created and beloved Being. No life ends at death. All go on in their journeys; all continue; all are in My care. Each and every heart is a part of Me and will come back to Me. There is nothing to fear.

“I am with you in every moment, and I am with your sons in every moment. At times their lives may seem dark or troubled from your view, but know that Love has all in hand. All is being worked out for the highest good of each one, always.

“Please befriend Carolyn now. She needs your care. Join with Me in loving her completely.”