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Christmas Is a Time for Everyone to Come Together

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Sometimes people think it’s bad that people only go to church on holidays. But if that’s the only time someone goes to church, then it’s a blessing. Yes, we could see the glass half-empty. They only go to church once a year. But if somebody only goes to church once a year, it pretty much means that they don’t want to go to church. They are someone who enjoys going to church or perhaps gets fulfilled by going to church. But because Christmas is as big and important as it is, it motivates them to go to church. Isn’t that a blessing? A day is so strong and powerful ones mind that it forces them to do something they normally wouldn’t do?

I recently read an article online that included a bunch of Pittsburgh Ministers’ quotes for the Christmas season. These ministers were from all walks of life and congregations, and yet each one of them discussed how special Christmas was.

The Rev. Russel Shuluga, “The message is always the same, but what a magnificent message it is: ‘Do not be afraid; for see — I am bringing you good news of great joy for all the people: To you is born this day in the city of David a savior, who is the messiah, the Lord.'”

There is no then no greater teacher in the world about the power of hearing God’s voice in Jesus. Jesus was the very first spiritual teacher who heard God’s voice and share God’s voice exclusively. There was a time in Jesus’s life where he no longer heard the voice of fear or judgment. He only communicated love and truth. That was the only voice that he heard within him.

Our spiritual counselors are learning to do the same. That is our mission and purpose with The Voice for Love, to teach people how to hear God’s voice and share that voice with others. When people call in to our spiritual counseling hotline, our job is to only share God’s voice with them. They can tell us about any problems they’re having, their challenges, their fears, their judgments. And no matter what they say, our job is to share only The Voice for Love with them, just as Jesus demonstrated.

That is what we are all learning to do in the world. We are all learning to be living, breathing, walking examples of being the presence of Christ in the world. If that were the only thing that we accomplished in our lifetime, sharing God’s voice with others, it would have been successful indeed.