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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Charging for Spiritual Services

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Tina: “I do energy work and am wanting to move forward in expressing my Divine Destiny, to be of service in the highest way, but I feel I am waiting for something. Guidance, perhaps, or a new technique, or even a totally different direction all together. What I would love to BE is just that… to BE LOVE and LIGHT, to serve humanity by being a pure transmitter of LIGHT and a frequency holder for LOVE, without charging money or doing anything other than being present. Yet I also need to create more financial security. I have always been Divinely cared for, and even now, while on a limited and fixed income, I feel abundant and most grateful for all that I have. Is this “bigger picture dream” a real place to keep my attention, or is there a career path or a higher calling yet to be seen that is coming into my world?

The Voice for Love: “Holy Precious Child, thank you for taking the time to truly listen to your beautiful heart. This is always the perfect place to start.

“Remember that your life is not an either/or, but rather includes All. You shy away from making money as if this is a ‘worldly’ endeavor. Think of making money as just another way you get to express Love in the world, like painting or writing or singing.

“Go forth with your energy work and give, in joy, All that you are. Feel gratitude in all the abundance it brings you; there is no reason to feel guilt when asking others to pay for your gift. This allows them a way to receive, in a comfortable manner, all that you give. You already ARE the Love in the world you wish to be. You need not eschew the worldly view of earning money for work, thinking that Love cannot be present there. Love is most certainly present, for Love is present everywhere—EVERY WHERE.

“This energy work you do is an easy conduit for sharing the life force of Love. Allow yourself to be fully present when you do this and truly listen to your clients. This will be your gift, this divine listening. Allow this to be the way you share the depth of the Love in your heart, through your very careful listening.

“Thank you, dear sister, for your willingness to shine forth in all the ways you do. Be strong and certain of your gifts and share them with all you meet.

“Amen and Selah.”