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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Change Is An Inside Job

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Hi, my name is Georgianne, named after my father George Hogaboam. I am currently in the Voice for Love’s teachers certification program, after finishing their yearlong class two years ago. It took me two years to decide that teaching others to hear God’s Voice within was something that I wanted to do, in a more focused manner! I’m a slow and often resistant learner. I am more comfortable with a good book or the Internet, sequestered in my home, than reaching out to others. Ironically, I want more than anything to connect at the deepest level with others. What might that involve?

DavidPaul asked us for a picture of ourselves to use on the website. Now that is a challenge. I am not terribly photogenic, and I tend to think of myself as old (66) and fat. Please hold your mental objections. I am old and fat. But I don’t want others to see that. It’s my own cherished private opinion of myself!

DavidPaul’s request came in the same email session with a similar request from another teacher I have. I joined a Photography Meetup in my area. Our first meeting is tonight. Our instructor is a professional portrait photographer who wants us to bring our cameras and take ridiculous and funny face pictures of each other, the kind where we’re sticking our tongue out and making faces, etc. My search for the perfect glamorous image, which doesn’t reveal my weight or age, just hit another challenge! Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways, so I’m wondering what I am to learn from all of this!

A few months ago, while walking and talking with Spirit/Jesus, I asked Jesus to help me to help myself alleviate the severe back and hip pain I’ve experienced for several years now. Doctors and physical therapy have been useless, as is the newer, expensive TempurPedic mattress we purchased a few years ago. What happened is miraculous.

The very next day I felt a major inner attitude change. My lifelong loathing of exercise just lifted. I started working out 1½ hours a day. Here’s how it goes: half-hour walking my dogs and talking with Spirit; half-hour reading while riding a bike in the gym (I read adventure mysteries, which keep me looking forward to the next biking session!). Finally, a half-hour of continual exercises in the deep end of the pool. I also started taking iodine supplements, as we don’t get enough iodine from our food anymore.

I’m slowly losing weight, and most of the time I have no or little back pain. But better than that, my thinking has changed – radically! It is the change in attitude that is most significant for me. What I feel now is freer, lighter in mind and body. At the spiritual level, I look at this attitude change as one of the many consequences of a broader attitude change. That broader change came when I finally recognized and acknowledged the greatest friend that anyone has is Spirit within. It is not a jealous Spirit either. It shows me how to extend Love, at many perceptual levels, to all my co-audience/participants in the great movie of life. It shows me that the script from Georgie’s perspective is what it is, not eternal reality, but enjoyed with and orchestrated by the Voice, which is my own.

So, if I appear fat and old, cool. If I cringe at having others see that, cool. It’s no big deal. Still, I don’t think I want to have anyone photograph me with my tongue stuck out and my fingers in my ears!