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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Forgiveness Overcomes Justice


It’s true. I was working like a crazy man up until the day of my book launch for When God Spoke to Me on March 17. Since then, I’ve cut back my crazy hours and have gone back to a […]

The Evolution of Truth

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The Evolution of Truth is a concept that can greatly help you to experience God’s voice in your life. What is the evolution of truth? It is the concept that God speaks to us exactly “where we are.” The Voice […]

Who can receive communication from God?


Dear One, It is a joy and a pleasure to communicate with you in this manner. Please know I will speak to all who desire to know the truth. God places no conditions upon communication. The Light of Truth is […]

Awakening to the Christ Within


Within the “Child of God” is a memory of Heaven, a spark of “Divine Truth”, placed there by its Beloved Creator. In your mind there exists a place of refuge, a safe haven from the ills of the world. A […]

The Double Life of an Author


Hi everyone, In addition to including articles, reviews, and announcements on this blog, I would also like to use this as an opportunity to share with you what it’s really like to be an author in today’s world. I’m guessing […]

Seeing Conflict Where None Exists


When was the last time you stopped to notice how active “ego” is in your day to day activities? Yesterday I had an opportunity to witness the absolute absurdity of “ego” in a very humorous way. First let me start […]

Ask, Seek, Knock


Just last night one of the students in our one-year certification program sent out an e-mail to all the other students sharing a message he had received. I really enjoyed what he wrote and shot him off an e-mail this […]

New Year’s Resolutions for the Soul

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Welcome to a New Year! This is often thought of as a perfect time for New Year’s resolutions to improve our lives. I know that my resolutions can potentially be ego-driven or Holy Spirit inspired. My ego-driven resolutions are usually […]