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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

[VFL Update] – Heal the Healer this Monday and Tuesday

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I have two Australian radio interviews show I’d like to invite you to this Monday and Tuesday, and two inspiring blog posts to share with you. My first interview this Monday night at 5 PM Pacific time will be with […]

Should Priests Be Celibate?

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This is going to be a big issue this year as Bishop Gabino Zavala, a very well-known Roman Catholic Bishop, recently announced that he has fathered children and is stepping down from his post. Believe it or not, I think […]

Human Interaction A Catalyst for Long-Lasting Healing

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For most people, healing our deepest most profound emotional traumas and wounds is difficult to do on our own. We all experience addiction in one form or another, but for those who experience life damaging addictions such as drugs, alcohol, […]

[VFL Update] – A New Year’s Resolution from Holy Spirit

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I hope your 2012 is starting off in all the ways you had hoped! New Year’s Eve was a sweet night for our little family of three … Candace, myself, and our 11-year-old daughter, Hannah. We had a nice candlelit […]

The Serenity Prayer Is Not Just For AA

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The serenity prayer became popular within Alcoholics Anonymous, but since its rise in popularity, it has gained traction worldwide as a mainstream prayer. In the Washington Blade, a leading gay new source, Kevin Norris spoke about his experience growing up […]

Bringing ACIM To China

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My friend, David Hoffmeister, is about the most well-traveled person I know. He has gone to countless countries throughout the world on every con there is teaching people about A Course in Miracles. David goes anywhere in the world where […]

Guided Meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn

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Jon Kabat-Zinn well-known in the spiritually oriented medical field. He is a professor emeritus at the MIT Medical School and founder of the schools stress reduction clinic which teaches mindfulness-based meditation exercises and techniques to lower stress. Kabat-Zinn is also […]

New Age Meditation Exercises Lead to Christian Oriented Awakening

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One of the biggest challenges we face in The Voice for Love is vocabulary. People from all backgrounds, religions, and cultures are identified with and attached to their vocabularies and frameworks. The words that we use are incredibly meaningful to […]

The Power of a Peer Counseling Hotline

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Peer counseling is a wonderful thing. It gives people who need support the way to receive it, and it gives those with an open heart and a listening ear the opportunity to help others. Several years ago, a peer hotline […]

Mixing God and Politics


God and Politics I like politics. I don’t always follow them, but I enjoy the challenges of making good decisions in difficult situations. That to me is the challenge that I enjoy in politics. One of the core tenants of […]