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Catching Up with Lynn Kirk

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The changing of the seasons, moving from summer into autumn, brings about a time of reflection. For me, this summer was amazing and filled with many unique and interesting experiences…lots of emotional healing and joining as my daughter, my last “baby,” moved out of the nest to continue her college education on the opposite coast, and I moved through all the emotions tied in with that!

The end of July, I had the honor and privilege of going to what I call paradise – the island of St. John, US Virgin Islands, for a week-long, love-filled spiritual retreat to honor all the students who have worked so hard this past year with The Voice for Love. This experience was such a blessing to me, to meet in “form” all the students I’ve worked with and formed friendships with over the past year. Even with all the challenges that arose during that week for me, my heart was wide open when I returned, filled with love and gratitude and appreciation for the whole experience.

I came back home to find out there was a change in residence in my immediate future, and that occurred for me during the month of August. After all the excitement of this summer, now is my time for reflection, rejuvenation, and I’m excited to begin new 4-week classes for the Voice for Love this October.

Simultaneously, as soon as I returned from St. John, The Voice for Love Teaching Module began, which I am involved in as a mentor, and we are currently on week 10! This time has flown by, and there will be some GREAT teachers graduating from this module!

Wednesday, October 5, is the first class of my upcoming 4-week workshop teaching The Voice for Love’s 5-Step Process. Teaching this method is near and dear to my heart, as it was this process that changed my life! I’m inspired to share these steps with others who wish to deepen their relationship with God.

Sunday, October 16, I’ve been invited to conduct the church service at the Unity Church of Jacksonville Beach (held at 11 a.m. at the Captain’s Club, Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville Beach, FL) and will be speaking on the topic called “With Hearts Wide Open.” I’m excited to be a part of this loving congregation once again.

I am honored to be able to participate with humanity during these exciting times we’re in. We all are experiencing so many opportunities to open our hearts, to choose to remember our connection with God, and these are truly Holy times that are upon us.

Have a wonderful holiday season as we say goodbye to summer and welcome Autumn. Stay tuned for more upcoming news!!!

Blessings of peace, great love and joy,

Rev. Lynn Kirk
Certified Teacher for the Voice for Love