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Can I See My Loved Ones Who Have Passed?

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Jason: “I want to know what has happened to my deceased family members, such as my grandparents, aunts and uncles. Can I meet them? Not through witchcraft or anything. I am asking if God can let me see them and talk to them. I know I will see Jesus after my own life has passed, whether it will be a hug of welcome or judgment day.”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, you can most certainly see and communicate truly with any loved one you wish to communicate with. Yet it will be when you are without a temporary body that you will see their souls with all the beauty of the love they share with you and with God. Your seeing and hearing will be understood from a higher level of total comprehension. You will comprehend not their bodies, but their divine purpose, as well as you own divine purpose. You will perceive how all purposes interacted in physical life to bring about the divine purpose you all share with the Holy Spirit.

“The welcoming hug of heaven is not a physical one. It is an experience, a knowing of your connections with all, and it is available to you even now. Not being a physical communication, it is independent of time and humanly devised circumstances. It is a natural attribute of all of God’s children. It is within the mind of each soul.

“As you learn to pray and then listen with the mind of your ever-present soul, you will also be able to communicate with the mind/soul of your departed ones, just as you can talk to and listen to the Holy Spirit now. The only thing that blocks this ability is awareness. Awareness unfolds as willingness grows strong enough to form the habit of being at peace with your own thoughts. Your own thoughts are but a product of your physical perception, but you can learn to perceive them with the love that you are, rather than with the ego. Either way, they are always temporary and of the world. They do not make you in your reality. Only God made your reality.

“Extend the love that you are to your thoughts. Remember or find all the loving thoughts of your departed loved ones. Take their loving thoughts and goodness, and extend them to your own thoughts, daily. Your loved ones are there in their reality, to support you in using the precious memories of their own worldly experiences. They communicate through you and in your own heart. Like your reality, they are never apart from God’s love, which you share. Use what you learn about their goodness and love, and extend your own love to their apparent shortcomings, which are also just thoughts about them in the minds of others and yourself.

“Extend the love that you are to all thoughts. In this way you will come to experience your true reality, as love, which you share with all. Within that growing experience of awareness within, you touch and communicate with all your loved ones. Heaven is the awareness of the experience of what is true and eternal, the awareness of your own shared reality. It can be found using a body, but exists forever, as a state of your mind/soul as God’s child.”