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Bringing ACIM To China

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My friend, David Hoffmeister, is about the most well-traveled person I know. He has gone to countless countries throughout the world on every con there is teaching people about A Course in Miracles. David goes anywhere in the world where he is invited to share the teachings of ACIM.

Recently, David was invited to go to China! In this video, David is speaking with a translator in China about the core principles of ACIM.

China, although a fairly closed society, has a strong influx of spiritual teachings coming in at this time. I have been in touch with the organization that translated A Course in Miracles into Chinese because they have expressed interest in translating The Voice for Love as well. They have been incredibly busy these past few years translating many ACIM books, and there is strong demand for these types of teachings in China.

Even though there is not widespread spiritual freedom in China, I think it’s fantastic that spiritual teacher such as David, and many others, are being invited to China to speak and teach.

If you haven’t watched David before, you will enjoy his teachings. He doesn’t teach anything outside of the Course, but if you are Course student, that’s probably just perfect for you. Enjoy!