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Become a Facilitator of Hearing God’s Voice

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Learning to hear and share God’s Voice is a process that unfolds over time with practice, dedication, and patience. While it’s certainly possible to make this journey alone, walking this path with a loving, supportive community can make the journey richer, easier, and even more rewarding.

By becoming a Mentor and Facilitator of The Voice for Love in your area, you accomplish three things:

  • You provide a safe, friendly, and supportive place where people can learn how to deepen their experience of hearing God’s Voice in their lives
  • You learn and grow in your own experience of hearing God’s voice by facilitating, mentoring, and supporting others
  • You activate a beacon in your community for those seeking Love, Inner Peace, and communication with God.

Watch DavidPaul Discuss Becoming a Facilitator

What is a Mentor/Facilitator

A Facilitator of The Voice for Love is not a teacher or expert in hearing God’s Voice (although you will likely become one as time goes on.) A Facilitator is someone who is simply willing to hold regularly scheduled meetings or gatherings in their local area where people can come together to practice “The Voice for Love 5-Step Process” for hearing and sharing God’s Voice in their lives. These local gatherings can be held in your home, at a church, or any other physical space you desire. Most groups meet once per week.

The intention is to gather together with other people on a regular basis to practice going within, joining with the Presence of Love that God is, and receiving inner guidance, communication, and wisdom from God so you can integrate this state of being and connection into your daily life.

Benefits of Becoming a Facilitator

By starting a Voice for Love Group in your area, you give yourself the opportunity to:

Becoming a Facilitator is a gift you give to yourself, as well as to the people in your community who want to deepen their ability to hear God’s Voice in their lives.

What Happens When You Sign-Up

When you sign up as a Facilitator of The Voice for Love, you will receive:

  • A unique login name and password to access our Facilitator Portal.
  • A free copy of The Voice for Love Facilitator Handbook.

In addition, your newly registered Voice for Love group will automatically be added to our online database so people in your area searching our online database can quickly and easily find your group on our website.

Requirements for Becoming a Mentor

In order to have a sufficient level of understanding and experience with the 5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice, as well as the ability to support new members of your group, Facilitators must have a copy of the 5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30-Day Course to share with participants.

This program provides the necessary instruction for facilitators and students to learn how to hear God’s Voice in their lives. By requiring facilitators to have a copy of this resource, those who find a support group in their area using our online database can rest assured they will receive the support they are seeking.

How to Sign Up

To sign up as a Facilitator of The Voice for Love today, click here to get a copy of the 5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice. Once you have the program, e-mail The Voice for Love with your request to become a registered Facilitator on our website and we will send you the registration link to sign up.