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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Awakening to the Truth of Your Divinity


One of our past certification students sent me the below message he recently received from Holy Spirit. I asked if I could share it with you, and he said yes. II think you will enjoy it. Blessings to you! DavidPaul Doyle

Holy Spirit: “Hello Dear One!”

Mike: What is Your guidance at this time?

Holy Spirit: “As always, it is Divine Truth. While any part of the One Child of God’s Mind believes it is separate, We will always guide towards remembrance of Truth through release of misconceptions (untrue beliefs). As Mike has realized and has been communicating, a significant remembrance at this time in the Earth story is for all to remember that God loves “each one”. That is to say, God loves His/Her One Child unconditionally and eternally. Not one imagined occurrence in the world could ever change that Love. Take time to dwell on this fact please. Not one occurrence, not any worldly act, could ever change God’s love for Her/His Creation. Do you see how the concept of sin is entirely false? We know that the ways of the world would have you believe differently, but have the ways of the world brought you peace that is unshakeable? There is nothing in the world that can offer you anything close to your true Being of Love, peace, joy, and Wholeness. For as the body’s senses report to you that wholeness is absent, if you choose to believe that perception, Truth will seem to be absent from your experience. However, if you will allow for a new perception, one quite different from your body’s senses, then will you open to a “new earth”. There is much being conveyed at this time about a new earth and We would only say that this is simply allowing for misconceptions to be laid aside so that a truer perception can replace perceptions that are deeply based on fears.

“Each one, without exception, is Holy. Each one, without exception, is doing her/his part perfectly. Open to the feeling of this! Your thinking mind would have you believe everybody should somehow be doing something differently and it is this judgment that impedes an embracing of a new perception of the world.

“Intend to see the perfection that is unfolding in front of you in every situation, in every relationship. Soften your vision, smile, and look again. See through your Heart and you will see as We do. There is only the beloved Child of God expressing Love – everywhere!!

“This way of seeing the world is God’s gift to Her/His sleeping Child who dreams of separation. Accept this beautiful gift, for it is what you have been praying for. Accept this gift and remember your Truth. Release misconceptions of unworthiness, sin, death, and sorrow and allow for the Mystery of Love to restore sanity to your awareness.

“Should you find your thoughts drifting into judgments about your self or others, know that there is nothing wrong, only that you have temporarily allowed your attention to drift from Truth. Simply then change your focus back to Love/Truth/Wholeness and radiate that remembrance to those around you (and those seemingly at great distances from you).

“Together, in Oneness, will humanity release the misconception of separation and embrace the brilliance of Divinity. Now is the time to shine! Shine forth the joy of All That Is, knowing that It is the basis for your very being and wallow in the feeling of gratitude that accompanies that knowing.

“You are greatly loved forever!!”

Mike: Thank You, thank You, thank You.