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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Val Padley

After spending a lifetime in Texas and raising three children, I moved to Asheville, North Carolina in May of 2011. I now have a beautiful home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and work for a local nonprofit organization. It is my great joy to also provide administrative support for the Voice for Love website, and I was recently inspired to create a line of "Extending Love to Your Thoughts Daily Practice Cards" which I am developing with my spiritual partner, Eva Lisle.

Going through the Voice for Love program in 2009-10 was like attending college for my soul and graduating with a BA in Love! I will never again question or doubt God's perfect, whole and constant love for us all. This simple but profound paradigm shift (that we are being loved in every moment and have nothing to fear) brought me out of a longstanding depression and healed me. My life is forever changed, and I am grateful.

Coping with a Husband’s Infidelity

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Cassandra: “I found out recently that my husband of 15 years was having an emotional affair. I am not sure if it was also physical. Now that it has been exposed, everything has stopped and we are in the process […]

How to Handle Rejection from Family Members


Cindy: “How do we extend love to angry people who seem to want to dislike us, who need to blame others and refuse to accept love from us? This is a family member. I pray for them and try to […]

Empty Nest – Finding Your New Life Purpose


John: “I am a divorced male who has raised three children. As the last one goes off to college, I find myself very lonely as a single empty-nester. I find that I have nothing that I derive joy from in […]

What Is the Right Thing to Give Someone Who Is Grieving?

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Anne: “I recently heard that a very low income couple in our neighborhood had lost their adult son who was mentally handicapped. Since then, the father, who took the son with him everywhere, has lost his happiness and is very […]

Why Do I Keep Manifesting Financial Struggle?


Scott: “I have studied many spiritual materials like A Course in Miracles and I do experience a great sense of well-being. My relationships are more honest and loving, and I feel blessed and connected in most aspects of my life. […]

How Can I Best Help My Dying Father?


Kelly: “My dad who has cancer is getting ready to say goodbye to me and my sisters. Seven years ago when my mother passed away, my work and family commitments did not allow me to be with her in her […]

How to Know If the Ego Is Tricking You


Robert: “I have been trying to discern divine guidance but have had some trouble because the thoughts I hear in response have been repetitive and reactive and include wording like, ‘You have to… You must…’ I don’t know if this […]

How to Know If You Should Be Baptized As an Adult

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Vivian: “I was raised as an Orthodox Christian and was baptized as a child. Should I take baptism again, and if so, why? I believe in God and that He is my Lord and Creator and He has all rights […]

What is the Proper Way to Ask God to Teach Me?


David: “When I sit down and pray to God, I ask Him how to teach me on five things: humility, patience, compassion (Love), grace (graciousness and gracefulness) and mercy (including forgiving of others). I feel these are very important spiritual […]

Is It Unspiritual to Have Goals?


Patricia: “I’m a long time student of A Course In Miracles and love its message. There is one part I still struggle with, though. It clearly states to let go of all goals, all plans, and let yourself be guided […]