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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Val Padley

After spending a lifetime in Texas and raising three children, I moved to Asheville, North Carolina in May of 2011. I now have a beautiful home in the Blue Ridge Mountains and work for a local nonprofit organization. It is my great joy to also provide administrative support for the Voice for Love website, and I was recently inspired to create a line of "Extending Love to Your Thoughts Daily Practice Cards" which I am developing with my spiritual partner, Eva Lisle.

Going through the Voice for Love program in 2009-10 was like attending college for my soul and graduating with a BA in Love! I will never again question or doubt God's perfect, whole and constant love for us all. This simple but profound paradigm shift (that we are being loved in every moment and have nothing to fear) brought me out of a longstanding depression and healed me. My life is forever changed, and I am grateful.

What is God’s Will for Me?

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Dustin: “Even though I graduated five years ago, I still don’t have a job. Is it God’s will that I just take any job while I wait to be employed in my degree? I am depressed and even think of […]

How Do I Break Generational Curses?

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Jessica: “I am a mother of three daughters, one of whom has cerebral palsy. I suffer from manic depressive disorder myself. I have been trying to make something of my life but because of generational curses on my family, I […]

How to Cope with Loneliness

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Rosalind: “I am a single mom with two kids. I gave my heart to the Lord almost two years ago but before that I always had this desire to serve the Lord, and now I do. Still, at this stage […]

What Blocks Me from God?

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Krista: “I am 24 years old and have been deaf since I was 3. I graduated from high school and went to college for a year but failed several classes and dropped out. I want to help deaf people and […]

How Can I Get Closer to God and Feel His Love?

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Phoebe: “How can I get closer to God and feel His love?” The Voice for Love: “Precious One, you yourself are the Love of God, only you do not know it. As God’s creation you could only be made from […]

How Can I Release the Hurt that Blocks Me?

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Abigail: “I was abused and neglected growing up, and kicked out of home as a teenager. I am now 50 and although I have a few siblings I keep in touch with, I have always been an outsider in my […]

What is the Purpose of My Life?

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Isaac: “I have been seeking for almost 15 years now. I have changed a lot in all these years, but I am still not clear on the most basic questions: What do I really, really want and what am I […]

Overcoming Deep Inner Terror

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Brad: “I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for over ten years. For a long time, despite my best efforts and many self-development courses, I still feel so tired and stuck. Every night and morning before going […]

When Happiness and Success Elude You


Ellen: “I am currently facing a lot of difficulties in my life. I was in an accident and then I lost my job. I feel that I am not succeeding in my life and every time I try to do […]

Feeling Empty of the Joy of Jesus

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Philip: “It seems I am so bummed out all the time, like there is nothing to look forward to and I’m just going through the motions each and every day. I want to get the joy of Jesus Christ in […]