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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Russell Hill

Russell Hill is a Voice for Love Certified Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister. He is the founder of Infinite Mind Publishing and chairman of New Day Foundation, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization. He spent years studying meditation with a Tibetan Lama and learning the art of Surat Shabd Yoga at the feet of a living Master. His passion for meditation and zest for life led to a profound spiritual awakening.

Russell believes our greatest treasure is the ability to receive guidance in the form of direct communication from Holy Spirit. A visionary with a deep-seated desire to share his extensive spiritual knowledge, wisdom and experience, Russell has published more than a dozen books and articles.

Through Your Eyes: A Poem About Seeing the World thru God’s Eyes


Through Your Eyes Holy Spirit today I choose to see this world through your eyes To know Love in every moment fully experiencing the joy of living that I may share healing with my Brothers and Sisters To know our […]

Is It A Sin To Consult A Clairvoyant?


Simeon: “Is it a sin to consult and deal with a clairvoyant or astrologer? There is one I recently came into contact with on the internet. They have said some interesting things but I do not want to sell my […]

Spiritual Community x dresslands round collar backless peach shape backless dress

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Spiritual Community x dresslands round collar backless peach shape backless dress This spiritual community x round collar backless peach shape backless item is the dress for the mother to be that is looking for true comfort and freedom of […]

Hearing the Voice for God

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Could you use some NEW tools to help you re-discover your Divine Nature? Imagine how it would feel to be engulfed in unconditional Love? What would it feel like communicating with your Creator? In these uncertain times, how comforting would […]

Who can receive communication from God?


Dear One, It is a joy and a pleasure to communicate with you in this manner. Please know I will speak to all who desire to know the truth. God places no conditions upon communication. The Light of Truth is […]

Awakening to the Christ Within


Within the “Child of God” is a memory of Heaven, a spark of “Divine Truth”, placed there by its Beloved Creator. In your mind there exists a place of refuge, a safe haven from the ills of the world. A […]

Seeing Conflict Where None Exists


When was the last time you stopped to notice how active “ego” is in your day to day activities? Yesterday I had an opportunity to witness the absolute absurdity of “ego” in a very humorous way. First let me start […]