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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Patricia Williams

I grew up in North Wales in Great Britain and studied at the University of Bristol where I graduated in languages (Italian, French, German). Married to an Italian, I have been living in Italy for over 35 years with my husband and animals. I taught English for several years in a number of schools and also in a therapeutic community for ex-drug addicts, and am now a professional translator.

My spiritual journey began over 20 years ago when, through a lengthy illness which lasted 16 years, I started to look for the answers to my infinite questions. My search brought me into contact with the angelic world and with God. Inspired by Neil Donald Walsch's book "Conversations with God," I began receiving beautiful written messages from God, and with this came my desire to help others experience their own connection with God. In 2007 I discovered The Voice for Love and through this program became a certified Teacher, Spiritual Counselor and Ordained Minister. I now hold Voice for Love workshops in Italy to help others hear God's Voice through the 5 Step process, and know this to be my true purpose in life.

I am the author of "The Story of Ruth – A Healing Process" and the spiritual cards "60 Silver Wings to Fly Beyond the Rainbow."

A Reflection on Prayer

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It’s Thursday, April 8th, 2004. I’m sitting in my doctor’s waiting room, as always waiting to be received. In two days’ time it will be Easter, exactly sixteen years have passed since I first walked, frightened and almost without hope, […]

How Can I Know God Is Talking to Me?


Amanda: “Only a few weeks ago, I was beginning to feel more settled in my life. But I have also been feeling a gap in my heart. I have always felt something missing. I’ve tried different churches but I just […]

Why Can’t I Make Any Friends?

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Paul: “I am having a very bad time in college right now. When this term started, I decided to express the real me to people, but although I tried to make friends, either they really didn’t understand friendship or didn’t […]

Is It Wrong for Me to Have a New Relationship?


Briana: “I am divorced and have become very close to a man who has gone through a tough time in his marriage and has been separated for a while now. We are very fond of each other, but I am […]

Receiving God’s Message of Love

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As a mentor for students in the Voice for Love program, I notice how very often we belittle or dismiss as banal a Holy Spirit message we receive that simply says “I love you” or “You are loved!” Thinking about […]

The Voice for Love in Italy


I’ve been teaching the Voice for Love’s 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice process in Italy for over four years now. At present there are about 200 people who are receiving beautiful messages from God’s Voice. This number is continuing […]