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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Lynn Kirk

Lynn Kirk is a Certified Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Facilitator, and Ordained Minister through the Voice for Love Foundation, and is also on the faculty for  the past 2 years.  She enjoys teaching others to hear their own inner guidance through live workshops or teleclasses.  Her passion is sharing the love, the joy, and the FUN we can have in a life lived with the awareness of our True Self and shares the guidance of the Holy Spirit so others may feel the joy and peace within themselves.

"I had asked Spirit to use me as a tool to make a difference in the world for many years, and The Voice for Love Teacher's Program kept speaking to me. The year-long program was beyond any expectation I had in continuing my spiritual journey. It has provided me my "missing link," and I will be forever grateful for all the teachings that this program has offered me. Teaching others the Doyle's 5-Step Process and walking along their walk with them, encouraging them, guiding them, and supporting them in their metamorphosis is so fulfilling and inspiring to me on so many levels. I teach, therefore I learn. It has helped me integrate that Divine Nature of myself in every aspect of my life and to have the realization that it is an always, ever-moving, changing, shifting journey that we never get done, and that we can have fun and relax and just enjoy the adventures for the pure joy realizing our connection with Source brings. It is an honor, a true blessing, and a privilege to share this with those who have "ears that are ready to hear."

Things My Dog Taught Me


I am writing this during my grieving period for my loyal companion, friend, teacher/child, my faithful dog of almost 15 years, Tigger. While the emotions of sadness come in waves, there are also waves of deep appreciation and understanding for […]

Reality versus Imagination

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Is our life experience “real?” Is anything “real?” Or is it all imagined? How many times have I talked about God/Love, read inspiring books about God/Love, discussed God/Love at meetings, in groups, contemplated it in my alone times, and listened […]

Love is Always a Choice

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Love: This is Who/What we Truly are…even when situations present themselves to try to convince us this is NOT Who/What we Truly are, we are still Love. It is challenging, though…and takes intention and determination to focus on the “NOW” […]

The Gift of the Bumps in the Road

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Have you been having a few more bumps in the road than usual, especially in terms of the economic status you may be experiencing? Maybe a little less hope in your life and feeling just a pure lack of inspiration? […]

Healing Our Thoughts, Healing Our World


Lately, there have been so many earth events that have caused many to feel pain and suffering, almost one right after the other. Not only is the earth having these major events, but many people on a personal level are […]

The Evolution of Consciousness


There is an awakening going on in our world at this very moment, and it is happening in an exponential manner, faster than we’ve ever experienced in our lifetime, or the lifetime of our distant ancestors. I believe these are […]

Catching Up with Lynn Kirk

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The changing of the seasons, moving from summer into autumn, brings about a time of reflection. For me, this summer was amazing and filled with many unique and interesting experiences…lots of emotional healing and joining as my daughter, my last […]

God’s Gift of Emotional Healing


Five weeks ago, I let myself begin a journey into my own personal emotional healing that was what I would describe as the closest thing to Hell I can imagine at this moment, if there was such a thing. My […]