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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Holly Briggs

The Voice for Love, Holy Spirit, speaks to us in countless ways but to me, the pinnacle of hearing Holy Spirit is through my fellow human family. For not only do we hear that Voice through the throats and actions of others, we have the ability to receive and be Love-in-action among one another. Community, therefore, is seen as sacred.

My hours on The Voice for Love’s spiritual Hotline have afforded me many times to speak Holy Spirit to those with various needs. So often, Holy Spirit’s loving counsel to people consists of advising them to get into the main stream of their fellow human beings, to come out of isolation, and to find that many others need the unique and beautiful expression of Love that they have to offer others.

All the services I provide are with the loving intention to restore people to the awareness of their lovability and perfection in the eyes of Holy Spirit, their unbreakable connectedness to Love, and to live their lives fully as part of the human family. Encountering Love and experiencing its unlimited supply cannot help but compel us to want to go out and share it. As a 12-step program’s slogan goes, “Give it away to keep it!”

I encourage you to click on the Community tab of The Voice for Love’s Home Page and see the many ways that you can begin to get involved in The Voice for Love Community.

I aspire to have a “5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice” meeting groups:

  • One where clients who live in close-proximity to me can come and meet one evening a week at my home to practice; and
  • One where clients who are long distance, can meet together with me over my conference call line to practice one evening a week.

In addition, for those desiring a partner, at any client’s request, I can give their name and contact information to another client so they can practice together. Please know that I do not share a client’s contact information with anyone or any entity without their express permission.

You may contact me by email at or call me care of 703-244-0318, between the hours of 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

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