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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Hannah Doyle
BIO:  My name is Hannah Doyle and I'm the 11 year old daughter of Candace and DavidPaul Doyle. I'm in 5th grade at Willow Wind Community Learning Center in Ashland, Oregon. I very much love to learn and a few of my passions include; math, writing, knitting, skiing, horse back riding, le cirque, hanging with friends, and being with my wonderfully, amazing mom and dad.

I Believe in the Power of Music

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Imagine a world without music. Where there’s never a song to sing to, never the chance to pick up a guitar and pour out your soul. Imagine never having a groove to move to.  Imagine never getting to write a […]

Love and Truth from Hannah Doyle


One night while watching TV I got a random burst of inspiration. I saw before me, in my mind, rows and rows of love. They were quotes of love that flowed eternally, and I thought that nothing like that could […]