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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Georgianne Giese

Georgianne Giese graduated from the Voice for Love certification program in 2009, in the first graduating class. Currently, she is enrolled in the Teachers Training certification class. She is the mother of three grown sons (of whom she is immensely proud) and has nine grandchildren, two large dogs, and one very supportive and loving husband, Fred. Professionally, she has Masters degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics, and has been a database analyst and programmer as well as a data modeler and university teacher. Georgianne retired from the Maricopa Community College system in 2010.

Both Georgianne and her husband are active in photography and camera clubs, including Photographic Society of America and the Arizona Association of Camera Clubs. Georgianne's major photographic interest is in macro photography, creative abstract photography and photographic compositions. Her focus is on developing her own creative expression with the camera and the computer, as well as helping others to do the same with their photography. She is also active in Wisdom Seekers, an interfaith organization of senior citizens. The driving motivation for all her earthly expression has always been her passion for connecting with Spirit and bringing that communication to bear to help others do the same, in whatever capacity they have chosen for themselves. The Voice for Love has helped her to experience the world from the perspective of what A Course in Miracles calls the "Happy Dream".

Karma and Free Will

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Edward: “I have almost all my answers by now, but there are a few questions that still bug me. If we choose our own lives and each soul signs a contract… if each soul is pure… then how come some […]

Insomnia, Refresh with the Holy Spirit to Manifest Holy Spirit

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For years I have been doing battle with insomnia. At first, my sleep time went from seven to six hours, then down to five hours. Now I can only sleep for a little over four hours a night. It has […]

Finding Love in a New Relationship

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Donna: “I am 53 and just started dating again two years ago. I am seeing a man who is kind, generous, thoughtful and caring. The problem is, often he becomes very negative and won’t answer if I call, stays locked […]

Trust is the Foundation for Happiness

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How can I be happy in the world? This is the usually, unspoken, question behind most of the spiritual seeking in my life. Happiness was always the carrot that dangled in front of myopic eyes. It changed in size, shape, […]

True Communication

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There is not a worldly relationship that has ever existed which enjoyed total, true communication. Even Jesus did not fully connect at the level of the world, with his followers, who consistently failed to understand the fullness of his message. […]

Help with Depression

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Depression is like a dark whirlpool of quicksand, which sucks one down. Recently I came across and article, “Dealing with Depression: Self-Help and Coping Tips.” The article contains many excellent tips. However, it skirts the one tip that has been […]

Refueling at Holy Spirit’s Pump

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Why do I so resist meditation? That was my intended question this morning, as I forced myself to sit and practice the 5 Steps to hearing God’s voice. I’ve always had difficulty in doing anything that I “had” to do […]

Extending Love – A Tool for Awakening


As a member of the Voice for Love program, I’ve practiced the 5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice for almost three years now. But only yesterday did a fuller impact hit me. All my life I’ve wanted to help make […]

Change Is An Inside Job

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Hi, my name is Georgianne, named after my father George Hogaboam. I am currently in the Voice for Love’s teachers certification program, after finishing their yearlong class two years ago. It took me two years to decide that teaching others […]