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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Georgianne Giese

Georgianne Giese graduated from the Voice for Love certification program in 2009, in the first graduating class. Currently, she is enrolled in the Teachers Training certification class. She is the mother of three grown sons (of whom she is immensely proud) and has nine grandchildren, two large dogs, and one very supportive and loving husband, Fred. Professionally, she has Masters degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics, and has been a database analyst and programmer as well as a data modeler and university teacher. Georgianne retired from the Maricopa Community College system in 2010.

Both Georgianne and her husband are active in photography and camera clubs, including Photographic Society of America and the Arizona Association of Camera Clubs. Georgianne's major photographic interest is in macro photography, creative abstract photography and photographic compositions. Her focus is on developing her own creative expression with the camera and the computer, as well as helping others to do the same with their photography. She is also active in Wisdom Seekers, an interfaith organization of senior citizens. The driving motivation for all her earthly expression has always been her passion for connecting with Spirit and bringing that communication to bear to help others do the same, in whatever capacity they have chosen for themselves. The Voice for Love has helped her to experience the world from the perspective of what A Course in Miracles calls the "Happy Dream".

Coping With Separation

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Rose: “My husband and I have separated. We have a 3-month-old daughter. He suffers from anxiety and rejection issues that he refuses to be treated for. I get a lot of mixed signals from him as to whether he is […]


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The heat and humidity assaulted my senses as I took my Keesha for her morning walk, before sunrise. Pale light brought out the blue in the sky. A few clouds fluffed their way around, waiting their turn to be set […]

Ageing, Downsizing and Finding Trust

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Who is that woman in the mirror? She has on my favorite dress but, man! Does she look awful in it! Her belly sticks out and the fabric stretches over her fanny! No, she can’t be me. I’m the same […]

How to Regain Self-Esteem

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Ginger: “Previously I was in a relationship where I was put down a lot and made to feel like I wasn’t worth anything. I got very depressed and had to see a doctor and a therapist to help me get […]

That Which is Never Lost

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Having just recently divested myself of most of my worldly possessions has taken its toll on me. The psychological and physical pains I have been experiencing are acute. Morning time is always easier for me as I experience some temporary […]

Extending Love to Grief

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A few weeks ago, my unconditionally-loving Golden Retriever, Papu, died tragically and suddenly. He was not quite 8 years old. He was not the brightest Golden Retriever and was born with some birth defects. At an early age, we had […]

Creativity and Connecting with The Divine

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Ageing is a peculiar thing. While the body breaks down in many little and large ways, the mind continues. We do not wish to fixate on issues that have plagued us over a lifetime. I was reminded of that when […]

Going Deeper into God’s Love


Christine: “I feel myself wanting to grow closer to the Lord. I have come such a long way in my life, but I have never felt quite like this before. Please help me understand what this new feeling is. I […]

Infidelity, Forgiveness and Peace

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Kevin: “I recently found out that my girlfriend, whom I have a son with, is cheating on me. She has done this before but when I found out the previous time, I forgave her. I am not ready to lose […]

How the 5 Steps Enhance the Vision of My Heart

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There is softness, filled with a blanket of gratitude, which accompanies my perception of my world when I am immersed in the vision of my heart. Here I was, five days after returning from a cruise, still identifying with the […]