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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Georgianne Giese

Georgianne Giese graduated from the Voice for Love certification program in 2009, in the first graduating class. Currently, she is enrolled in the Teachers Training certification class. She is the mother of three grown sons (of whom she is immensely proud) and has nine grandchildren, two large dogs, and one very supportive and loving husband, Fred. Professionally, she has Masters degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics, and has been a database analyst and programmer as well as a data modeler and university teacher. Georgianne retired from the Maricopa Community College system in 2010.

Both Georgianne and her husband are active in photography and camera clubs, including Photographic Society of America and the Arizona Association of Camera Clubs. Georgianne's major photographic interest is in macro photography, creative abstract photography and photographic compositions. Her focus is on developing her own creative expression with the camera and the computer, as well as helping others to do the same with their photography. She is also active in Wisdom Seekers, an interfaith organization of senior citizens. The driving motivation for all her earthly expression has always been her passion for connecting with Spirit and bringing that communication to bear to help others do the same, in whatever capacity they have chosen for themselves. The Voice for Love has helped her to experience the world from the perspective of what A Course in Miracles calls the "Happy Dream".

How Do I Move From Ego Dominant to God Dominant Thoughts?

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Daniel: “I have just begun reading A Course in Miracles. Even though I am only in the early chapters, I resonate deeply with it. My question is, what is it going to take to cross the line between ego dominant […]

Living Authentically

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Alice: “My young son is very psychic and smart for his age. He is clairvoyant and clairaudient, as am I. We are both very sensitive intuitives and transmute a lot of negative energies around us. My son recently told me […]

How Do I Know My True Path?

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Clare: “For a few years now, my financial situation has not been getting better. I have no work, and the company I co-partnered is not active anymore. I am far from my son because I am divorced and cannot move […]

How to Cope with Unemployment

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Sophie: “I lost my job about 3 months ago. I have been doing everything I possibly can to network and search for a job but as of today I haven’t found anything yet. If I don’t go back to work […]

How to Help Another’s Self-Confidence

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Beatrice: “My son is a kind, thoughtful, gentle, intelligent, and good-looking young man. Yet he lacks self-confidence no matter how hard I’ve tried to motivate him. Since his dad suffers from depression, I am wondering if he has the same […]

Why Does God Let My Husband Suffer?

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Suzanne: “My husband has been waiting for a kidney transplant for over two years. He and our family are suffering greatly. Personally, I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. I have asked many people to pray for him and to […]

Feminism versus Masculinity

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Last Monday, a study group to which I belong, was debating which spiritual book to study next. One that was up for consideration involved promoting feminism in the world, in answer to a world gone wrong, which generally ignores the […]

How Can I Feel The Voice Of God?


George: “How can a man feel the voice of God… when his mind is lost?” The Voice for Love: “Dear Beloved One, when you agreed to travel the journey of being human, you also agreed to hold My hand as […]

When the One You Love Deserts You

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Edwin: “What do you do when your mate, the one you love, dumps you and says she does not want you anymore? Yet you want her to be with you. What do you do in this circumstance?” The Voice for […]

Letting Go is True Forgiveness

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My lessons over the last half of my life have been escalating versions of what it means to let go. Our pending estate sale of most of what we own, inherited from over 3 generations and accumulated through a lifetime […]