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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Eva Lisle

I live in Sacramento, California, with my husband and two college-age daughters, Madison and Savannah. We moved to the US twelve years ago when my husband retired from the Australian Army as a Lt. Colonel, and we now run two successful businesses, a web design company and a business networking company. I write poetry, I love to read, and I am creating a line of coloring books and “Extending Love to Your Thoughts” cards as meditation tools. Love of color and words are just some of the ways the Holy Spirit talks to me.

I grew up in a nondenominational church in a family who very much loved Jesus. My main problem-solving devices were prayer and following the rules (and talking, my husband would say!). It was in 1995 that I discovered I had everything I ever wanted - lovely home, great family, wonderful friends - but somehow had lost my sense of joy. I realized I did not believe in hell anymore and, to my shock and horror, my whole religious life crumbled because of this "loss" - and thus began my spiritual journey. It has been quite a ride to get to my present life in which I now delight in HEARING and being GUIDED by the Voice for God in my own heart.

With Love,

Eva Lisle

Speaking with Holy Spirit

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Cecelia: “How can I really know the Holy Spirit? I truly want to be His friend and hear Him speak and also speak with Him.” The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, you are My beautiful child, your precious value is […]

Charging for Spiritual Services

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Tina: “I do energy work and am wanting to move forward in expressing my Divine Destiny, to be of service in the highest way, but I feel I am waiting for something. Guidance, perhaps, or a new technique, or even […]

Are Hell Or Eternal Damnation Real?

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Julie: “Recently I heard some accounts of people having near-death experiences where they described hell. I understand that there are probably all levels of dimensions and spiritual things going on that we can’t really fathom, and there could very likely […]

Letting Go of Resistance

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I met resistance this morning during my ritual quiet time. I am moving into a new phase in my life in regard to many, new, commitments. My children are both nearly grown and living their own lives so I am […]

Finding Love Again

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Bella: “Will I ever find love again? I met my husband when I was 18 and we were together for more than 25 years. He was unfaithful a couple of times and eventually left me for another woman. I have […]

Finding God’s Purpose for My Life


Nan: “I am 21 years old and was raised by a single mother in a family of four. I am completely lost. I need to find out who I am and what I am doing on earth. Please tell me […]

The Aftermath of a Break-Up

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I have been struggling with a new loss these days; not a death, disease or calamity of worldly proportions but a loss, nevertheless. My daughter has recently, mutually, decided to end a relationship with a darling young man who had […]

How Do We Live Our Lives In An Illusion?

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Tammy: “For the past few months I don’t quite understand what has happened to me. I have come to know about the idea that we are all one single consciousness, and have felt frustrated since knowing this world is an […]

Extending Love to Your Grief

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I was touched when I read this article about the family of Erin Peterson, one of the 31 victims of the shocking shooting incident at Virginia Tech (five years ago Apr 16).  To hear Erin’s mother Celeste say “[for] a […]

How Do I Get Rid of a Demonic Attachment?


Henry: “I have a problem with a spiritual demonic attachment. Why is it there and how can I permanently be rid of it? Someone close to me that can see these things says that I have chosen to carry a […]