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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Eva Lisle

I live in Sacramento, California, with my husband and two college-age daughters, Madison and Savannah. We moved to the US twelve years ago when my husband retired from the Australian Army as a Lt. Colonel, and we now run two successful businesses, a web design company and a business networking company. I write poetry, I love to read, and I am creating a line of coloring books and “Extending Love to Your Thoughts” cards as meditation tools. Love of color and words are just some of the ways the Holy Spirit talks to me.

I grew up in a nondenominational church in a family who very much loved Jesus. My main problem-solving devices were prayer and following the rules (and talking, my husband would say!). It was in 1995 that I discovered I had everything I ever wanted - lovely home, great family, wonderful friends - but somehow had lost my sense of joy. I realized I did not believe in hell anymore and, to my shock and horror, my whole religious life crumbled because of this "loss" - and thus began my spiritual journey. It has been quite a ride to get to my present life in which I now delight in HEARING and being GUIDED by the Voice for God in my own heart.

With Love,

Eva Lisle

Affirmations to Conceive a Child

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Vanessa: “I am in my 40’s now and trying to conceive a child. Can you suggest any spiritual affirmations which I can use for conceiving? Will I succeed?” The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, you are truly aching, bursting to […]

The Hand of God in Troubled Times

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Olivia: “My life is in a mess. It seems like there is a dark side holding me back from achieving my goals. My mother has brain cancer and now she can’t see or walk any more. My boyfriend has quit […]

Finding Peace in a Troubled Relationship

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Fran: “I was married before and my husband left. After 5 years, God brought a very good man into my life who was also divorced. We fell madly in love, and though we live a long distance apart, we fly […]

My Parents Disapprove of My Marriage

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Wallace: “I married the woman I love but my parents were never happy about it and started engaging in activities to separate us. We want to stay at peace with them but every time there is a moment we anticipate […]

When to Move On

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Miriam: “I have been seeing a man who is 8 years younger than me. We have had some extreme trials with family and the fact that he was in a long-term relationship before me. A few months ago he suggested […]

Little Love Riding Hood


I was sick at heart watching my grown daughter do battle in her own life. Her unhappiness was disheartening to me. I felt powerless to do anything but watch and pray. Frustrated and in pain I asked, “How can I […]

Feeling Disapproval from Others

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Barbara: “I live in a family-owned house and my younger brother administers the trust that has me living here. I only work part-time but he hasn’t pressured me that much about rent. My difficulty is that the only emails I […]

When Others Reject Our Help

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Grace: “Our sister recently had a mastectomy and is currently undecided as to whether she should receive chemotherapy. She has also had marital problems for a number of years now, and this adds to her stress and anxiety. As her […]

Moving Beyond Self-Sabotage

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Fiona: “I feel powerless to help myself. No matter what amazing insights I have and help I receive, I consistently make choices to make sure I do not engage with life in anything like an authentic manner. Life is passing […]

How to Grow in Trust of Your Partner

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Victoria: “I feel as if my relationship with my partner started out with many secrets. Time passed and walls came down and honesty flourished. But I often find myself questioning anything he says now as to whether it is fact […]