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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Eva Lisle

I live in Sacramento, California, with my husband and two college-age daughters, Madison and Savannah. We moved to the US twelve years ago when my husband retired from the Australian Army as a Lt. Colonel, and we now run two successful businesses, a web design company and a business networking company. I write poetry, I love to read, and I am creating a line of coloring books and “Extending Love to Your Thoughts” cards as meditation tools. Love of color and words are just some of the ways the Holy Spirit talks to me.

I grew up in a nondenominational church in a family who very much loved Jesus. My main problem-solving devices were prayer and following the rules (and talking, my husband would say!). It was in 1995 that I discovered I had everything I ever wanted - lovely home, great family, wonderful friends - but somehow had lost my sense of joy. I realized I did not believe in hell anymore and, to my shock and horror, my whole religious life crumbled because of this "loss" - and thus began my spiritual journey. It has been quite a ride to get to my present life in which I now delight in HEARING and being GUIDED by the Voice for God in my own heart.

With Love,

Eva Lisle

Two Poems About the Newtown, CT School Killings


One Mind, One Pain He killed his mother And shot the children too What caused this deceit of suffering He could no longer bear   What would have made The difference between life and death Holy Child Your innocence remains […]

Love’s Perspective on Newtown, CT Killings

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My tears were real as I watched the horror unfold yesterday. Innocence slaughtered, grief erupting as we were all left to understand “What happened?”  and “How can this happen here?” This morning I asked Holy Spirit, nay I demanded a […]

Why Can’t I Leave This Relationship?

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Moira: “I have been in a relationship with a drug addict and sex addict for four years. I want to leave him so I can lead a productive, clean and healthy life, but I find myself addicted to him. I […]

What Can I Learn from My Painful Situation?

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Corinne: “I have always loved my work in social services. However, our management structure has changed and over the past several years, compromising the kind of service we can offer families. I have advocated strongly against some of these changes […]

What Does Holy Spirit Say About 12-Step Programs?

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Lorna: “I have been dealing with active alcoholism for some years now. More recently, I had tried solely using spiritual teachings and practices, like the Voice for Love, but I have determined that they alone are not enough. I have […]

How Can I Love My Work?

Ginger: “I used to absolutely love my work. I felt the ‘pinch-me-I-can’t-believe-I’m-doing-something-I-love-this-much’ feeling. But the company has been bought and sold a couple of times along the way and now it’s someplace so unfamiliar to me that I wonder how […]

How Can I Earn a Living Helping Others?

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Nina: “I recently completed a course in angel therapy because I genuinely believe angels exist and are always willing to help us. I also underwent Reiki training and understand thoroughly the importance and effects of our chakras being balanced. What […]

Healing My Inner Child

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Linda: “I am writing concerning my inner child and the healing she needs very much. My background growing up was very abusive. My father did drugs and my mother physically and verbally abused me. I also got beat up by […]

Why Do Those Who Lie And Cheat Get What They Want?

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Maya: “I have a question for you. Why is it that the people who lie, cheat and steal get what they want? But when it comes to the strong, pure-hearted people, we don’t get what we want until it’s too […]

How Can I Pray More Effectively?

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Katya: “How can I overcome absentmindedness when praying and make my prayer fervent and effective as the Bible instructs?” The Voice for Love: “Precious One, be assured, there is no ‘right’ way to pray, to approach your holiness or to […]