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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now
Barbara Dutcher

Barbara Dutcher, M.A. is a lifelong teacher and now serves as a Facilitator, Ordained Minister and Certified Spiritual Counselor with the Voice for Love. She writes articles, holds live workshops, study groups and teleclasses, and contacts Spirit for guidance on behalf of her private clients - a service she calls "the sweetest thing I've ever done." She has created video lessons and a self-study course designed to make divine connection easier for those seeking a closer walk with Spirit.

Barbara says, "I experienced a life change through the practice of Spiritual connection with the Voice for Love. I had asked for a path of service, and I found more than I could have imagined. Being able to truly help, not just offer another opinion, is so exquisite and truly rewarding. My spiritual practice and growth are increasing exponentially."

When God Doesn’t Seem to Hear

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Kim: “I am a teen mother with one child. Her father and I are doing everything possible to get stable jobs to pay our bills. I cry out for help over and over and I feel as if God can’t […]

Seeking God’s Guidance To Manifest The Life of Your Dreams


Noah: “I am a long-time student and have a Spiritual Center. I am not clear how I can best serve with the talents and love that I have. There is nothing happening at the Center and I am willing to […]

Are Soulmates Real?

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Helen: “I am a single professional woman. I have never been married and I do not have any children. I had all but given up on ever finding someone and then, a while back, I met a man online with […]

The Constancy of God’s Love

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Samantha: “I believe God brought the man I love into my life as a blessing. But when I started to value him over God, then God took him out of my life in order to teach me and grow me […]

How to Cope with Your Husband’s Gambling

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Lavinia: “For almost six years now I have been praying for God to stop my husband’s gambling habit, but still my prayers have not been answered. I prayed to Jesus to bring my husband to His way but Jesus doesn’t […]

Mindfulness of God When Life Gets Busy

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Anna: “My question is very practical. When I get too focused on tasks and my to-do list and ideas, I kind of lose God and all my time is spent doing other stuff. How do I find balance in pursuing […]

How To Feel God More Deeply

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Sharon: “For the last few years, I have most willingly, earnestly and happily devoted all my free time to spiritual study. I’ve found, however, that even after so many teaching programs I still feel far away from my goal: I […]

Married with Step Children

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Renee: “My husband and I are fighting a lot lately. We both have children from our previous marriages. He says I don’t spend enough time with his kids and that I am putting my kids’ activities ahead of theirs. I […]

Overcoming Anxiety Watching the News


Joyce: “We live near where a recent school shooting occurred. This event left me drained mentally, physically and spiritually. Then the tornadoes happened in the south and midwest. How can I focus my mind daily so as not to fret […]

Is It Wrong to Use Dating Websites?

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Danielle: “I was married for 30 years to a man who had a drinking problem and later developed a gambling addiction. Life with him became very difficult so I ended up divorcing him. It has has been almost 7 years […]