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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Asking God Questions

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Evelyn: “Recently my stepfather passed away. It was very sudden. While he was a wonderful business person and gave much money to charity, he was extremely difficult to live with and very abusive to all of the women and girls in the family. My questions are: why did he choose to leave now and what is the core healing for me in this situation?”

The Voice for Love: “Precious One, let us begin with the gentle reminder that you are indeed the holy child of God. You remain perfect, whole, winsome and delightful always in your heart, no matter what you may be feeling in your experience.

“Dearest one, you are experiencing a great loss at this time, the loss of your stepfather, the loss of what he could have been, the loss of your own place and sense of truth. When one dies suddenly it feel like an unfinished symphony, with the best possible movements to come. When that one is gone, you are left with only the notes that have already been played, a sense of bewilderment and a huge WHY? in your heart.

“I am so very proud of you for asking the WHY? out loud in your heart. This is a great show of your willingness and trust to hear. Your own heart is waiting to speak to you. This is where I reside, in your own very heart. Go ahead, ask all the questions you never allowed yourself to ask. How does one abuse another? Why does no one do anything? Why does it hurt so? Who am I and what am I to do?

“Dearest one, ask all these things and more and listen gently and quietly to your heart. Sit quietly with your eyes closed each morning and breathe. Breathe and listen and notice your thoughts and questions; that is all. As you spend time doing this you will begin to hear the dawn of your own heart speaking gently to you. It is okay to acknowledge all the hurt you feel and felt over time. It is okay to feel both regret and anger. All these thoughts need but your acknowledgment and welcome. In that acceptance of the thought and feeling is the thought free to move on if needed.

“Your stepfather at his core could not remember who he is, a beautiful child of God. He sought redemption in his work and charitable giving but at his core he was hurt and angry with his own self. He tried so desperately to get away from himself by heaping misery on others. This was not who he truly was and is. He is restored now to the memory of his true self. You too can be restored to your own truth of goodness, wholeness and strength at this time of remembering and healing.

“Dearest one, you are My precious angel. Fear not the hallow of fear you feel at this time. Be with Me each morning in the quiet time of the day. Let us sit together and hold hands and remember how very precious you are before you go out into your day. I will be there. Come greet Me with a morning moment in the stillness.

“Amen and Selah.”