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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

How to Know If the Ego Is Tricking You


Robert: “I have been trying to discern divine guidance but have had some trouble because the thoughts I hear in response have been repetitive and reactive and include wording like, ‘You have to… You must…’ I don’t know if this is the Holy Spirit or the ego because of the rather forceful, tension-causing quality of these thoughts. Most recently in regard to two of my longtime friends, when thinking of calling them I hear the thought, ‘I don’t want to hang around with you anymore.’ Is the ego coloring it that way to trick me? I don’t know how to proceed.”

The Voice for Love: “Thank you, Precious One, for taking the time to notice the tone and quality of your thoughts and to seek discernment about their true nature. You are indeed understanding that thoughts can be chosen, and you are seeing yourself at the point of choice, as at a fork in the road, with each one. This is great learning, dear one, and great understanding.

“Indeed, a thought that has a quality of harshness, harmfulness or unlovingness would not be a thought of Holy Spirit. As A Course in Miracles teaches, ‘the ego speaks first and speaks loudest.’ When you ask for guidance, imagine a classroom full of children and notice how the ones who are misbehaving and causing disruption get the teacher’s attention first. In fact, the class must stop and wait for those children to settle down or be sent outside before the class may resume its true purpose, which is to learn. And so it is with your thoughts. Those of the ego are like unruly children that seek to get your attention; you have noticed them and heard them, and now you may set them aside.

“Would a thought from Holy Spirit, whose source is Love, ever seem unkind to you, harsh or unfitting? It is the quality of Love’s guidance that it brings you peace. Yes, you could be guided to no longer spend time with certain friends, but there is not only what you are led to do that you are guided in, but how you will do it. If you no longer have a desire to be with these friends, then ask Holy Spirit how most lovingly you might carry this out. Know that Holy Spirit will gently guide you in the direction of your peace, while thoughts of ego seek to distract you from your peace. Simply ask again, dear one, when you feel confused by the thoughts that come into your mind, for Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion. Excuse those unruly thoughts from your mind like misbehaving children from the schoolroom, then ask your question again.

“Holy Spirit is best heard in an atmosphere of stillness and calm within yourself. Move your attention to your heart, for Holy Spirit speaks to you there. You are learning how to recognize Holy Spirit’s Voice, and this is a skill that can be strengthened. Holy Spirit’s guidance does not create tension or reaction. Rather it is like the steady beating of the heart: calm, knowing, wise, reliable, gentle, consistent, and inspiring of your trust.

“Know that in every moment Holy Spirit is loving you and guiding you. This guidance is not like a test that you must figure out the right answer to or you will fail. Rather, think of guidance like music that is always playing in the background of your life, and which you are learning how to tune in to, recognize, hear and follow. As you keep tuning in to that music, it will become more and more familiar, like a favorite song, and you will recognize it more and more easily.

“Thank you for seeking this music within yourself, and know that you are being guided with Love in all things.”